Cannabis Cleanrooms

4 Ways to Maintain a Clean Grow Room

Grows rooms often provide a safe harbor for invasive insects, molds, fungus, and microbial pathogens. While one option is building a hyper-clean cannabis cultivation room, below we provide more economical production solutions which dramatically reduce grow room contamination.

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Sealed & Portable Medicinal Cannabis Grow Rooms

Modular cannabis grow room designs improve the longevity of grow room construction. Likewise, portable prefab grow rooms allow for more adaptable configurations when expanding, relocating, or re-purposing a grow room. There are also a number of tax and legal advantages when construction is non-permanent. Prefab modular grow rooms are cost-effective without the inconvenience of conventional “stick-built” construction.

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Grow Room Design and Construction

How does a cleanroom adapt for a medical cannabis grow? It starts with specialized containment rooms, HVAC, air showers, clean surfaces, and contained lighting systems. Are cleanrooms an essential piece of achieving high quality, high yield medicinal products for licensed cannabis growers?

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Cleanrooms for Medical Cannabis Grows – Deaths Linked to Contamination

The benefit of modular cannabis cleanrooms over traditionally fixed wall grow rooms is that the configurable partitions of modular cleanroom designs lower the cost of installation or re-configuration for changing regulations. Divider rooms total environmental control, larger yields, and improve regulatory compliance at various stages of the growing cycle.

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