4 Ways to Maintain a Clean Grow Room

Grows rooms often provide a safe harbor for invasive insects, molds, fungus, and microbial pathogens. While one option is building a hyper-clean cannabis cultivation room, below we provide more economical production solutions which dramatically reduce grow room contamination.

Reduce Mold Spores with Antimicrobial Sticky Mats

Plants, soil, and people account for the majority of cannabis contamination sources. Transport carts, dollies, and tools must also be acknowledged as carriers. At 60 microns, a dust speck in a sliver of sunlight is visible unlike spores, allergens, and pathogens within a range of 1-10 micron.

In clean grows, floor-mounted contamination control mats, also known as “sticky mats”, capture spores and grit from feet and carts at critical entryways for later cleaning. The mat captures 99% of particles as small as 0.5 microns in just three steps or three full rotations of a wheel. Polymeric tack-regenerating materials allow easier cleaning and prevent further contamination sprawl. Unlike traditional “peel-off” designs which require hand removal of plastic strips, a quick mop and squeegee return tackiness without plastic waste.

Simplifying Garment Donning and Standard Practices

Most people don’t believe us when we tell that saving one employee just 1 – 2 minutes per day adds up to thousands of dollars in time savings over the course of a year. Previously we’ve written about how automated shoe cover machines improve the throughput of personnel, reduce safety hazards, and produce a rapid return on investment. 

Shoe covers reduce foot-borne pests, spores, and grit. Automated garment dispensers are a popular option for faster, cleaner donning of protective apparel. 

An automatic shoe cover machine applies and removes shoe covers hands-free, thus avoiding a hop-and-balance act or contact with the dirty floors. Dispensers are available with commercial sizes for large facilities and also low-to-medium sizes for economical use in small facilities. A separate unit (not required) provides a vacuum system that removes the shoe cover and holds dirty garments in an easily emptied receptacle. 

See Automatic Shoe Cover Removers Online

Pressurized Air Showers for Cleaner Garments & Equipment

An air shower is a double-door air chamber which prevents dirty air from entering the grow room during entry and exit. Air showers scrub garments, tools, and carts with high-pressure HEPA filtered air as a final decontamination barrier.

Depending on the size, these systems also support passage of large, dirty items such as benches, equipment, tools, soil bags, containers, and pallets. Integrated card scanners prevent unauthorized grow room access as required by most state laws.

Similar in design to an airlock, air showers typically have two doors that cannot be opened at the same time – accommodating only one person at a time. Workers enter one side and exit on the opposite side. When one door is opened, the other door’s magnet is energized which prevent the door from opening. During the cleaning cycle, both doors are energized (locked) to prevent anyone from entering or leaving before the cycle is completed.

Eliminate Fungus, Molds, & Pathogens Between Grows

The half-life of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) is often problematic for large-scale room decontamination. VHP must reach a target surface within 10-20 seconds for its properties to remain effective. This requires numerous vaporizers, large quantities of chemical use, and more advanced dispersion processes.

Green-Friendly & Environmentally Safe Disinfection Properties

Dry fogging penetrates normally inaccessible areas resulting in more thorough disinfection. The fog is capable of reaching underneath furniture and up to high corners and ceiling surfaces.

Minncare is a systemic fungicide and sterilant that’s fully biodegradable, breaking down into acetic acid, oxygen, and water, over an extremely short time (usually 30-90 minutes). While it should be handled with care in its concentrated form, it doesn’t require unusual handling procedures or ventilation systems.

Eco-Friendly Grow Room Foggers

Dry foggers provide eco-friendly decontamination solutions for smaller grows of up to 900 sq. ft. and full-scale systems for facilities as large as 35,000 sq. ft. Every grow room is unique. Here’s why these systems are so popular in everything from agriculture and food processing to sterile bio-medical environments.

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Mitch Walleser

Mitch Walleser

Mitch works with manufacturing engineers and product specialists to examine new technology and products. His background includes 3D printing, electronics and cleanroom manufacturing. Stay up to date with new insights on automated production solutions by following on Twitter. @Go_to_PAC

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