New: Texwipe Cleanroom Products

New: Texwipe Cleanroom Products

Texwipe offers a variety of dry, pre-saturated, and sterile wipes to meet the strict  controlled environments.

Texwipe swabs are manufactured to exacting and consistent tolerances, lot coded for traceability and quality control.

Texwipe mops provide premium cleanroom features including lint free use and multi bucket mopping systems with fewer contaminant risks. 

Texwipe offers EPA-registered disinfectants, effective against a broad array of pathogens including MRSA and TB. Fragrance & dye free.

Why Shop Texwipe At PAC?

  1. Uncompromisingly wide selection of clean products
  2. In-stock availability with quantity discounts
  3. Dedicated cleanroom experts on staff for purchase help
  4. Consolidate your supply chain into one invoice & one point of contact
  5. End-to-end product support including returns and warranties
  6. Direct manufacturing representative of Texwipe products

We’re your decontamination experts. Compare top brands from leading manufacturers side by side. 

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