Labs & Healthcare

New: Texwipe Cleanroom Products

Texwipe offers a variety of dry, pre-saturated, and sterile wipes to meet the strict  controlled environments. Texwipe swabs are manufactured to exacting and consistent tolerances, lot coded for traceability and quality control.

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Proper Material for ESD Cleanroom Gloves

ESD cleanroom glove materials have reduced NVR (non-volatile residues) levels such for better electrical conductivity. Meanwhile, dedicated ESD fabrics are often not viable for cleanroom use, as they tend to shed particulates at a much higher rate than latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves.

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Ethanol Purity, Grades, and Extraction Techniques

This post covers the unique characteristics of high purity ethanol for commercial cannabis extraction. We’ll outline methods that improve batch efficiency, reduce terpene loss from decarboxylation, and minimize residual solvents. In large-scale extraction environments, closed-loop systems and pure, undenatured 200 proof ethanol allow more complete solvent removal.

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Cleanroom Tape

New: Low Particulate Cleanroom Tape

Premium cleanroom tape and labels are feature non-particulating materials with plastic cores suitable for use in ISO 3 (Class 1) cleanrooms. Each roll and label is cleanroom bagged and packaged in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom to ensure cleanliness upon arrival.

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Get 10% Off The Rolls-Royce of Stereo Inspection

Lynx EVO Eyepiece-less microscopes allow operators use of eyeglasses or safety glasses when inspecting or observing through the viewer. Floating stage (option) provides sensitive control and accurate sample inspection. Ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling.

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Avoid Supply Chain Production Fog

Expansion creates unforeseen complexities and challenges within supply chains. Communication breakdowns, competing priorities, and distraction from core competencies interrupt economies of scale. Valuable manufacturing space gets converted into storage space, order minimums become bloated, inventory swells, and eventually, quality and delivery times suffer.

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