Electric Heated Mats for Snow and Ice: Andersen Company

Electric Heated Mats for Snow and Ice: Andersen Company

Electric Heated Mats for Snow and Ice: Andersen Melt Step Scraper Mats

andersen company step melt mat
Anderson Melt Step mats create an ice and snow proof entryway or walkway solution for winter events, ski slopes, and other cold environments.

Unlike electrically heated mats, commercial mats for snow and ice often lack the grip and traction needed for safe movement and deteriorate quickly in abrasive winter conditions. Prevent slips and falls on snowy or icy entrances with waterproof and heated electric walkway mats from Andersen. Connect up to 4 mats in in sequence for up to 20’ (6m) of coverage for doorways, walkways, entrances, and more. The waterproof electrical connection system prevents electric shock with a built in GFCI switch. Nitrile rubber mats are waterproof, UV resistant, and flexible in freezing temperatures.

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Andersen Waterhog Lift Truck Mats

Andersen Waterhog Lift Truck Mats Supporting Movement of Pallets Across the Warehouse Floor
Warehouse, factories, and distribution centers keep floors clean and safe with fork lift and lift truck floor mats. Likewise, they see a cost reduction in janitorial services and wear and tear on machinery and infrastructure.

Removing water, snow, dirt, or ice from the warehouse or factory floor is time consuming and creates unnecessary overhead. When the shipping or receiving doors open, you want your products delivered cleanly without tracking in the extra dirt, water, or debris from the wheels of a lift truck or fork lift. Large floor mats for fork lifts or lift trucks support up to 14,000 lbs. while reducing inbound debris, avoiding safety hazards associated with wet floors, and reduce janitorial costs. The Waterhog wiper/scraper design channels dirt, water, and debris from machinery and directs into a lower channel for later cleaning. Aggressive interlocking designs enable custom floor layouts and surface-layer polypropylene carpet yields heavy-duty function for any wheeled vehicles or cart. The modular, connectable mats are available in multiple colors for a clean look wherever machinery enters or exits a building.

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