ACL Staticide makes an 11-gal waste receptacle, along with pink & black can liners for them. Over the years they’ve gotten calls asking for a larger ESD trash can liners. After doing special production runs for large requests, the demand began to grow.

Last year, ACL received more calls than ever from facilities looking for large, ESD trash bags, and finally caved on offering a fully developed line.

The offerings included two package sizes for 100 bag and 25 bag quantities, with details as followed:

  • 40 – 45 gal Liners
  • Size = 40″ X 46″
  • 2 mil thickness.
  • 60/40 LDPE/LLDPE blend for strength
  • Pink Antistatic Bottom Seal Bags
  • Pack of 100 Bags  / Pack of 25 Bags

These anti-static trash liners are currently available on the Production Automation web store.