Do You Need an ESD Chair if You Have an ESD Floormat?


Do You Need an ESD Chair if You Have an ESD Floormat?


When a human body generates static electricity, sitting on an ESD chair dissipates static potential until both the operator and the chair share the same charge. Electricity only flows through conductive objects, and normal concrete floors are not conductive. Therefore, any buildup of static potential will discharge when contact is made with an electronic device unless a grounded connection is maintained with an ESD wrist strap. An ESD chair ensures the effectiveness of ESD flooring and ESD mats.

Non-conductive ESD chairs create opportunities for user error, such as when a user rests their feet on something besides the floor such as a separate footrest or stool rail. If both of a user’s feet do not touch an ESD floor or ESD mat, and the user is not grounded with an ESD strap, then the likeliness of an ESD event is greatly increased. Likewise, if the user is not wearing ESD footwear or grounding straps, the insulative character of standard shoe soles threaten the integrity of a conductive ESD chain.

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