The Stages of Andersen Waterhog Mat Systems. Materials and Custom Mats for Outdoors, Indoors, and Entryways

Single-mat entryway systems fail when winter months drive excessive oversaturation of dirt and water from the soles of shoes or wheel carts. The average business accumulates 50 lbs. of dirt and grime per year from shoe soles alone. One square yard of carpet collects a pound of dirt each week with the foot-traffic of 150 people. Soggy entryways and the transition to slick, wet floors prelude hundreds of thousands of slips and falls recorded by OSHA each with an average cost of $40,000 per incident. High-performance entrance mats trap up to 95% of contaminants and moisture in restaurants, healthcare facilities, and office buildings easing the $600 cost for removing each pound of dirt.

How to Find the Best Indoor/Outdoor Mat Solution

Entryway removal of caked on mud, ice pack, and parking lot grease requires an ultra-coarse mat. Alternatively, fine dust, trace water, and fine-grained salts or sand require a softer finer surface with more surface density. Problematically, dirt and saturation easily overcome single mat systems. Relief requires large fan systems and constant change outs for effective use. Flooring surfaces lose traction when entryway mats reach saturation points and bleed onto surrounding surfaces. Cleaning costs and poor aesthetics take a backseat to the risk of trips and falls, therefore multi-surface mat systems provide both efficiency and function. The risk of slips and falls along with cleaning costs become the least of worries compares to the risk of slips and falls.

Zone 1 – The First Line of Defense – Super Scraper Designs 


  • Ultra durable nitrile rubber that will never warp, fade, roll, or crack.
  • Outdoor scraper mats break off large particles of gunk, mud, ice, and snow before entry with an aggressive turf brush or nitrile flexi tip.
  • UV resistant, anti-static, and NFSI certified slip resistance provides a safe, and ultra-durable outdoor stage mat.
  • Easy to sweep, clean, or hose off. Outer edge traps water for draining.

Zone 2 – Scraper/Wiper Entrance Mats

  • Cross-hatched pattern for combination of wiping and scraping
  • 100% nitrile rubber isolates entrances spaces from puddling and with deep water channels for containment and high traction
  • Perfect for wiping and scraping off dirt, grime, debris in areas that transition from indoor to outdoor
  • Rugged rubber backing resists curling, cracking, or degradation caused by rain, snow, humidity, freeze/thaw, and the sun
  • Mitigate 1.5 gallons of water per sq. yd. indoors and out via Waterhog technology from Anderson Company.

Zone 3 – Wiper Entrance Mats

  • Continuous mono-filament polyester provides on the cleanest most absorbent materials ever made.
  • Soft, dense fabric entryway mats achieve a final dirt and grime stoppage of up to 85 – 95% when combined with a full mat system.
  • Traps any fine grain particles, grime, or wetness and ensures a final barrier against water and dirt transfer to unprotected, slip-prone floors.
  • Carpet mats have a softer feel and trap small amounts of dirt and water while protecting your floors. They are perfect for areas like service counters.

Zone 4 – Custom Color and Branding

Custom logo mats provide extra color tones and contrast for accenting entryways or branded placement in front of desks and elevators. Company colors, logos, and industry-specific images provide extra flair and great first impression. Don’t miss out on free shipping and custom logo or image mats with fashionable fabric, classic rubber trim, or vinyl trim. Choose between cleated and smooth backings for the ultimate grip on hard surfaces or carpet. Contact us about how receiving your free design proofs in just 3 – 5 days.

Zone 5 – Comfort and Ergonomics

Andersen 4443 GetFit StandUp™ Indoor Anti-Fatigue Mat with Fabric Top
Andersen 4443 GetFit StandUp™ Indoor Anti-Fatigue Mat with Fabric Top

Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats provide a soft surface for employees at desks or kiosks. Less strain, fatigue, and soreness empowers employees to be both happier and healthier.

Read more about the benefits of anti-fatigue mats on our blog – Do Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mats Really Work?


Find all Waterhog Mats, and all other Andersen Mats here:

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