Hog Heaven III Anti-Fatigue Mats | Modular Linkable Drainable

Hog Heaven III Anti-Fatigue Mats | Modular Linkable Drainable

Selecting Hog Heaven III Anti-Fatigue Mats: Applications, Surfaces, and Design Features

Construction Features Guide

Anti Slip

ESD Safe


Oil Proof 

Heavy Duty


Modular Comfort Tile

Customize comfort and expand dry work areas with anti-fatigue, weld safe, conductive, and slip resistant modular mats. A wedge locking system fastens a selection of center, side, and corner titles with border available in black or yellow safety stripes.

Modular Comfort Tile w/Grit – Black

Modular Comfort Tile w/Grit – Yellow

Hog Heaven III Linkable Comfort Tile

Select interconnecting tiles and end pieces for outstanding anti-fatigue qualities in dry areas. The wedge locking system allows for unlimited configuration on walkways or assembly lines for increased grip, electrical conductivity, and weld-safe use.

Hog Heaven III Traffic Tile

The perfect modular anti-fatigue and traffic mat for clean and unhindered movement of personnel, cart and wheel traffic. Low profile, 3/4″ thickness and a choice of borders with wedge locking system offer grease, oil, slip, weld, and ESD safe function.

Drainable Linkage Mats 

Link mat sections for high-volume foot traffic in wet or damp spaces where chemical, oil, and grease resistance is required. Create a custom drainable flooring system that supports cart and foot traffic, welding, and static dissipation.

Stop wet wheels from tracking oil, grime and contamination across the facility. Drainable traffic tile cleans easily and prevents the spread of grease, oil, or moisture carried by personnel, cart and wheel traffic.

Hog Heaven III Workstation Comfort Mat

Ideal dry mat for cellular or single operator workstations that require outstanding anti-fatigue properties. Nitrile rubber is impervious to chemicals, oils, solvents, and cleaners. It’s a favored choice for distribution, manufacturing, retail, or picking and assembly lines.

Comfort Tile with Grit

Treat oily, greasy, or chemical-spill prone floors with a high traction, anti-slip and anti-fatigue mat system. Prolong standing comfort and expand welding stations or heat-intensive areas where weld-safe, non-slip, and conductive mats are essential. An aggressive silicon carbide surface provides outstanding anti-fatigue and anti-slip qualities in dry areas. Ideal for cellular workstations or assembly lines that demand outstanding anti-fatigue properties over multiple shifts. Nitrile rubber is impervious to chemicals, oils, solvents, and cleaners.

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Poly Woven PVC Tile

Poly tile is an economical choice for low-middle volume traffic. The black woven PVC topping enables sweeping and easy cleaning for large installations. Poly tile mats are ideal for retail facilities, work stations, and check out stations.

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