Andersen Mats: Waterhog Eco

The Andersen Company is committed to the “Green Movement”.

Not only are they looking for ways to increase the content of recycled materials in their finished products, but they are also looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint in other areas. Over the last several years, Andersen has reduced waste going to landfills by 80%.

Andersen currently recycles most paper, metal, cardboard, plastic, carpet, and rubber waste that they generate. Andersen’s boilers are fired with “yellow grease” which burns cleaner than other fuels. “Yellow grease” is used cooking oil collected from restaurants.

Andersen carries many mat lines, and over time we will cover more of them but for this post we are going to focus on the Andersen Waterhog Eco line.

Waterhog Eco high performance entry systems are the most ecologically friendly products that the Andersen Company has produced to date. The use of PET Polyester fiber derived from used plastic drink bottles and rubber reclaimed from used tires reduces landfill waste by over 400 tons annually. It also conserves the natural resources and energy that would normally be required for their production. Every square foot of a Waterhog Eco product eliminates four half-liter drink bottles from the waste stream so when a 3×5 mat is used approximately 60 bottles are recycled.

Carpet Top: 100% post consumer recycled PET polyester fiber reclaimed from plastic bottles.

Rubber Backing: 15% post consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires.

Waterhog Eco entry mats, tiles, roll goods, and eco berber roll goods are the perfect choice for high traffic entryways in commercial buildings. These products are in use every day in airports, hotels, motels, schools, retail stores, healthcare facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, plant entrances and office buildings. Waterhog Eco entry systems are designed to give high traffic facilities the maximum protection against damaging and costly dirt and moisture as well as protecting them from slips and falls.

High Performance Entry Systems

  • Effectively stops damaging dirt and moisture at the door
  • A rubber reinforced “bi-level” cleaning surface is permanently molded into the product
  • Eliminates crushing of the surface insuring long term cleaning effectiveness
  • Allows dirt and moisture to fall below traffic level until it can be removed
Stop Soil at the Door
  • Approximately 80% of contaminants enter buildings through entryways
  • The ISSA estimates that the cost of removing one pound of dirt from a building is $600 or more
  • Waterhog Eco Entry Systems:
    • Stop contaminants at the door reducing the cost of cleaning labor and the cost and use of chemicals
    • Protects floor surfaces from premature wear
    • Reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
LEED and Green Cleaning
  • The Green Building Council recognizes that high quality entrance systems are an integral part of Green Buildings
  • The Green Building Council’s LEED EB certification awards 1 point for the use of these systems
  • Waterhog Eco mats are part of the Select Green family of environmentally friendly mat products
  • All select Green Mats have recycled content
Provide Safety
  • Waterhog Eco Entry Systems store water so it cannot leak onto the floor and become a slip hazard
  • Waterhog Eco entry systems are also certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
A Name You Can Trust
  • All Andersen products feature a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for the life of the product
Find all Waterhog Eco Mats, and all other Andersen Mats at Production Automation!

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows

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