Creform Alternatives – Pipe and Joint Racks with Equal Quality for Less

Creform Alternatives – Pipe and Joint Racks with Equal Quality for Less

Creform Alternatives - What's the Difference Between Creform and Proform?

The value of customization is infinite. Customized pipe lengths, fittings, lights, roller guides, and caster hardware highlight design freedom on an ‘a-la-carte’ basis. Just get the accessories or rack you need, and skip everything you don’t. Below you’ll find some inspiration on different Proform configurations and features at a much lower cost than Creform, sometimes, at even half the price. 

  • Better return on investment over lifetime of the product
  • Environmentally friendly, retaining up to 50% market value when recycled.
  • No welding required - easily make changes or correct mistakes in assembly.
  • Production Automation (that's us) 100% stands behind product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Built for commercial and industrial production
  • Get design and configuration from the Production Automation experts

All pipes are reusable, which provide versatility for project customization. Using basic tools, you can quickly and easily make necessary adjustments to accommodate any structural changes that arise.

Choose Your Pipe Construction

Proform offers a large variety of industry standard 28mm diameter pipes used for modular pipe racking systems. Choose from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) coated cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, or aluminum pipes.  

Proform Pipes

Coated steel pipes come in many colors and finish varieties.

Proform Aluminum

Aluminum Proform  pipes are compatible with standard products with up to 50% cost recycle reclaim.

Proform Specialty

Safety Coated

Flat Coated


Get Essential Hardware

Select Production Accessories


Roller Support Mounts

35 MM

40 MM

65 MM

70 MM

85 MM

Locate Prebuilt Proform Units by Category

Why Shop with Production Automation (PAC)?

PAC is a leading source of industrial product lines and expertise throughout the Americas. We are an authorized Proform distributor with factory trained specialists that help you understand the right solution for your production workflow. 

Not sure what you need?

That’s okay! Everyday we connect the world’s most educated buyers with solutions for faster and more efficient production. Our warehouses across North and Middle America allow expedited delivery of tools that support lean and personalized workflow

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