Construction Quality Eagle Cleanroom Table: Reviewed

Construction Quality of Eagle Cleanroom, Restaurant, and Industrial tables.

Eagle Group is America’s largest broadline manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment. Over the years, Eagle has continually added to their line of products, providing the industry’s largest offering available from a single manufacturer.

All Eagle equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. under their exclusive 10-point Quality System, ensuring that you receive superior-quality products every time Eagle pulls up to your loading dock. All Eagle tables have top reinforcement with welded hat channels and are sound deadened. Constructed with the uni-lok® patented gusset system with the gussets recessed into the hat channels to reduce lateral movement.

Eagle Group carries some of our most popular and affordable stainless steel table options, from budget grade to specialty marine edge tables.

Learn a little more about the Eagle Group Stainless Steel Table options we offer:

  • Budget Grade: Budget Grade tables are made from heavy gauge 430 stainless steel and has a lower corrosion resistance than the other options, still an excellent choice but not recommended for areas where constant exposure to fluids or chemicals is an issue.
  • Deluxe Grade: Deluxe grade tables are made from 304 stainless steel and is the industry standard for kitchens or other high moisture areas. These are the most popular grade of table Production Automation offers.
  • Spec-Master Grade: Spec-Master is a heavy-duty option, made of the same 304 stainless steel as the deluxe, the spec-master is 10% thicker making it more durable. This is the best line of stainless steel tables we offer.
  • Marine Edge: Marine Edge is a 304 stainless steel specialty table. It has a raised lip around the top surface to prevent spillage, this table is used mostly in food or fish processing areas.

All of these Eagle tables come with the option of galvanized legs or stainless steel legs; galvanized legs have the same corrosion resistance as stainless steel and can be used in kitchen settings like stainless steel, the difference being that galvanized legs are more affordable, but less attractive. Galvanized legs lack the bright, uniform brushed steel look of stainless steel, giving the galvanized legs a more industrial appearance. You can also choose a tubing base without any lower shelving, or a shelf base with a full depth shelf below the work surface.

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows is a product specialist with over 13 years of experience. She’s a central source of expertise for thousands of industrial and critical-class products featured on the Production Automation web store. By working directly with manufacturers, Mel deciphers technical documentation and outlines product use in real-world environments. View her profile to learn more about proper techniques, protocol, and product usage in both industrial and cleanroom facilities.

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