Milagon Chairs: Engineered for Work

Updated: 7/17/17

 offers high-quality ergonomic seating for the commercial and industrial workspace. The focus of Milagon is the growing need in the industrial workplace to improve worker health, comfort, and productivity through ergonomics. By integrating high-tech ergonomics, quality materials, and craftsmanship, Milagon produces the highest quality ergonomic seating available for the commercial and industrial workplace.

Chairs from Milagon feature Workseat® Technology, the ergonomic combination of form and function that fuses unmatched comfort, rugged durability, and aesthetics into the seating systems they produce.

We at PAC are pleased to carry five of Milagon’s chair lines:


Milagon’s Brio Series chair is the “workhorse” of the industrial seating line. Brio brings innovation and performance together with one purpose in mind: Optimal seating in the workspace. Soft, comfortable polyurethane foam seat pan and backrest are featured for maximum wear and durability. These are mounted to a cast aluminum mechanism providing a -4 to +10 degree tilt of the seat and a 10 degree + or – angle of the backrest with spring tensioned, clutch mechanism. This self-skinning polyurethane is an ideal material for those multi shift environments where hygiene is a concern.


Special areas need special materials.

Edj stainless steel workseats are designed for “wash” down environments. All metal parts are made of stainless steel.

Height adjustment of the seat pan is accomplished with a concentric taper of the solid stainless steel rod.


fabric or vinyl conductive seating mounted on five-star cast aluminum base equipped with conductive glides or conductive self-braking casters that provide maximum dissipation of electro-static discharges.

As with all Milagon seating systems, the Neutra series chair conforms to the ergonomic safety requirements prescribed by ANSI/BIFMA.


The Milagon designed, Class 10 Approved, cleanroom chair is your solution to cleanroom/ESD requirements. In addition to ergonomics and safety requirements, Stera workseats respond to stringent specifications placed on cleanroom furniture, as required in the electronic or medical fields, without sacrificing comfort.
Conductivity is within the specified range of 105 Ohm.


The Tasq Standing Support is designed to provide ergonomic physical relief to the body posture of any employee whose duties require standing performance, thereby avoiding many common industrial repetitive motion injuries.

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows

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