Use These Apps For Designing Commercial Seating & Drawer Cabinets


Design What You Want, Get What You Need

The process of online checkout for commercial products demands accommodation for niche fabrication, deep accessory offerings, micro-varied unit sizing,  and specialized materials for industry specific use.

Design Custom Locking Drawer Cabinets

production-automation-floor cabinets

Render a custom BenchPro drawer cabinet in real-time. The visual display of your custom item within the browser adds visual confirmation and easy translation of the cabinet’s features. The 3D rendered image changes design specs on the fly including size, height, color, and included accessories.

Get the Best Industrial or Commercial Chair the First Time 

This industrial and commercial seating configurator streamlines the browsing and shopping experience with visual design cues and side-by-side product information. Open-ended navigation lessens confusion by creating a narrative much like a “choose your ending” novel. Select features à la carte including construction type, configuration, height, base style, and adjustment options (without the sales pitch). Find the chair you need, without the extra options and expenses you don’t.



We Now Offer Terra Universal Desiccator Cabinets


Terra Universal is a flagship manufacturer of cleanroom products for the world’s most critical environments. Watch videos or browse our knowledge base and learn why these desiccator systems function better, and last significantly longer than leading competitors.


Mitch Walleser

Mitch Walleser

Mitch works with manufacturing engineers and product specialists to examine new technology and products. His background includes 3D printing, electronics and cleanroom manufacturing. Stay up to date with new insights on automated production solutions by following on Twitter. @Go_to_PAC

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