The Science and Solutions of Ergonomics

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Ergonomics is the blending of human biology, psychology, engineering, and design. The aim of ergonomics is to develop and apply techniques to optimize performance while protecting the health, safety, and well-being of individuals.

The application and science of ergonomics is not a new one, ergonomics principles have been implemented since the 5thcentury BCE, an example being a description Hippocrates gave on how a surgeon’s workplace should be designed. The term “ergonomics” is derived from the Greek word Ergon (work) and Nomos (natural laws) and entered modern lexicon in an 1857 article by Wojciech Jastrzębowski.

The science of ergonomics contains five separate aspects: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity, and aesthetics.

In the work place safety should always be a top priority; production and morale are higher in environments where safety is implemented and insured. Providing a safe environment for workers also reduces costs to the company by preventing accidents and injuries.

Comfort in the workplace leads to more productive employees and less time loss due to fatigue and injury. Workers can focus more attention on their tasks when they are comfortable.

Ease of use pertains to the organization of employee workspace. When production floors or workstations are laid out in a way where a user has everything they need to complete a task set up in an efficient and ergonomic way, tasks are completed faster and more thoroughly.

Productivity in an ergonomic workplace comes from the implementation of the first three aspects. Once a workspace is organized, more efficient, and accessible, employee stress and fatigue goes down bringing productivity and safety up.

The last aspect of ergonomics is aesthetics; workplace aesthetics not only leaves a good impression on visitors to your facility but can raise company morale and pride and make working more efficient by not having to traverse unorganized workspace and storage areas or search for necessary products and materials.

The basics of ergonomics can be addressed in any type of work environment, and Production Automation carries products that will help you focus on improving your facilities and providing for your employees.

Whether you are starting an ergonomic program from scratch, or improving on an existing program, Production Automation carries the brands and products you can depend on. We can help you improve your facility from the ground up with anti-fatigue matting, highly customizable seating and footrests, work surfaces and shelving, monitor holders, and lighting.

We understand the importance of ergonomic thinking and planning and we strive to offer the best products and solutions to the problems of fatigue, injury, and strain.

These links are for our leading ergonomic product lines:

Flooring: Wearwell, a wide variety of options for any space and working conditions

Seating: ErgoCentric, for the office, cleanroom, and industrial areas. ESD options available.

Workbenches: Arlink, modular, customizable and fully adaptable systems. Layout and design planning available.

Workspace: ESI, providing ergonomic solutions for a wide variety of industries including office and healthcare.

You can view our entire website here:

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Mel Meadows

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