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At Gibo/Kodama Chairs, they design chairs for hours of productivity. From the shape of their seats to the density of their foam, from the ease of control adjustments to their ergonomically designed support system, Gibo/Kodama designs fit and productivity into every chair. You’ll find Gibo/Kodama chairs in production lines, biomedical labs, office environments, anywhere productivity is vital to a company’s well being. Gibo/Kodama’s technical seating, including ESD and Cleanroom chairs, is used by the top companies of our nation. And all of Gibo/Kodama’s products are proudly made here in the USA.

Learn more about the different types of Gibo Kodama Chairs we offer:

Stamina 3000 Series:

The Stamina 3000 Series is very well known and is highly regarded as one of the best chairs on the market for Cleanroom, ESD, and general production applications. The Series continues to be specified as the standard chair for many of the Fortune 1000 companies. Multiple height ranges available, from desk height to high bench. Numerous options make it easy to fit most end users and their applications.

Synchron 4000 Series:

The Synchron 4000 Series is a capacious version of the Stamina 3000 Series. A larger person will appreciate the size of the seat and back. Both add comfort and support where it is needed most. A heavy-duty independent tilt control easily withstands the daily rigors of the common 24/7 workplace.

Rèspon 6000 Series – Special Task Chair:

The Rèspon Series Special Task Chair features and independent tilt control and a uniquely shaped back with a ratcheting mechanism for easy height adjustment. This model is a standard in many local and national government facilities. It is offered in both desk height and bench height.

Stamina 7000 Series – Saddle Seat:

The Stamina 7000 Series offers all the features of the 3000 Series, but uses a uniquely shaped saddle seat. The saddle seat helps to keep the user properly seated, particularly where slick cleanroom suits contribute to slippage problems. It also allows easier access to the footring used on bench height models.

Harsh Environment Task Chair 9000 Series:

The Harsh Environment 9000 Series incorporates a polyurethane seat and back to handle the harshest environments. To resist corrosion, special attention has been taken to cover or coat all exposed metal, including control, back upright and handles. All threaded knobs and caster stems are stainless steel. These innovations make this chair ideal for most corrosive and wet applications.

P3000 Series:

The P3000 Series features a very durable, solid, polyurethane seat and back. This feature makes this an economical choice of a clean room application. Seat angle, back angle, and back height adjustments are easily made using the standard “Ergo Tilt” control. The contoured seat and back add comfort and support for prolonged sitting.

1000PL Series Stools:

The 1000 PL Series offers a basic round stool, with multiple height ranges, that will fit in areas where other chairs are too large. Cleanrooom and ESD options are also available.

Medical Stools:

Gibo/Kodama Medical Stools offers the exceptional comfort of a highly contoured seat and the ergonomic function of a lockable, rocking, forward tilt control. These features add exceptional comfort and support for the medical or dental profession.

Class 10 Cleanroom/ESD 8000 Series:

The Class 10 Cleanroom/ESD Chair provides maximum comfort while meeting current cleanroom standards. Special features to ensure Class 10 rating include: heavy-duty urethane bladders to seal in seat and back foam, an air exchange system to prevent foam outgassing, plastic control covers and specially filtered cylinders.

Class 100 C1000PL Series Stool:

The C1000PL Series is a basic round stool, with multiple height ranges, that will fit in areas where other chairs are too large. ESD option is also available.

Class 100 Cleanroom Option:

Class 100 cleanroom option is available for the following series: C1000PL, Stamina C3000, Synchron C4000, and Stamina C7000. All cleanroom chairs are upholstered with vinyl, use polished aluminum or chrome plated components, and incorporate depth filtration ventilation in both seats and backs.

Harsh Environment:

Gibo/Kodama harsh environment chairs are designed to better withstand harsh environments and the cleaning methods used by biotechnology companies.

ESD Options:

Chairs are an important component in creating an ESD safe environment for sensitive equipment or products. As a recognized leader in the industry, Gibo/Kodama Chairs offers an ESD option on many of their chairs. In addition to using high quality components and a precise manufacturing process, they test all of their chairs prior to shipping to ensure they meet the ANSI/ESD STM12.1-2006 Standard.

View the entire Gibo Kodama line here >

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