Arlink 7000 & 8000 Series Workbenches

All-Purpose Arlink 7000 Series Workbenches

All-purpose Arlink 7000 series workbench systems help companies optimize performance in the workplace by providing efficient ergonomic, and well-designed workbenches which significantly improve productivity, maximize use of floor space, boost morale and produce a safer work environment.

All-purpose Arlink 7000 series workbenches let you tailor your benches to your needs while providing greater versatility than conventional workbenches. All-purpose Arlink 7000 workbenches’ heavy-duty construction is capable of supporting 1,000lbs. (454kg), evenly distributed. Durable worksurface choices include plastic laminate, static dissipative laminate and butcher block.

All-purpose Arlink 7000 series workbenches are available in ten standard sizes and two heights. Simply choose the base size, height, and worksurface that best suits your needs, and add appropriate accessories. For other options and dimensions, contact PAC.

View All Arlink 7000 Series products here.

Modular Arlink 8000 Series Workbenches

Completely integrated and modular, Arlink 8000 series workstations ensure that you’ll always have the exact workstation your work demands. With their easy reconfigurability, Arlink 8000 workstations can be altered for multiple functions and changes in your workflow.

This enduring adaptability means that you’ll have a cost-effective solution for all of your assembly, repair, and light manufacturing workstation needs, both today and in the future.

Arlink 8000 series workstations feature a unique column design that provides a sturdy, flexible backbone for your evolving needs. Thanks to the system’s versatility and durability, this exceptional series of workstations pays for itself quickly, while providing continuous value for years to come.

The Arlink 8000 series workstation offers the industry’s fastest and simplest set-up and reconfiguration. Virtually no hardware or tools are required, making changes efficient and fustration-free. With an emphasis on ergonomics, the Arlink 8000 series workstation improves comfort, eliminates wasted motion, and minimizes fatigue and strain.

View all Arlink 8000 Series products here.

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows is a product specialist with over 13 years of experience. She’s a central source of expertise for thousands of industrial and critical-class products featured on the Production Automation web store. By working directly with manufacturers, Mel deciphers technical documentation and outlines product use in real-world environments. View her profile to learn more about proper techniques, protocol, and product usage in both industrial and cleanroom facilities.

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