Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners

  • CSA-listed cleaners provide thorough, safe cleaning of small- and medium-sized parts
  • Seven sizes give you the choice of just the right capacity cleaner for your needs
  • Recessed cleaning tank minimizes spills and drips
  • Specialized models accommodate pipets and very small parts
  • Cleaners available unheated with a mechanical timer, heated with mechanical timer; or heated with digital timer, heat controls and degas function

These Branson cleaners offer seven ways to get the full, efficient power of ultrasonic cleaning at an affordable price. They give parts the ultrasonic scrub that cleans the way no conventional methods can, but will not damage even the most sensitive components. Their unique penetrating action gets at dirt and grease hidden away in tiny cracks and crevices by generating millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles that scrub the surface as they implode.

These CSA-listed, low-cost ultrasonic cleaners range in capacity from one pint to 5.5 gallons and are warranted for two years (one year for Series B3 and PC620). They can be used with a wide variety of aqueous solutions to clean small and medium-sized parts. All units are integrated with cleaning tank and generator in one enclosure. All XX10-series models include 42khz industrial stacked transducers, which increase reliability and power, and a “sweep frequency” that results in uniform cleaning and eliminates hot spots. The tanks are made of rugged stainless steel with no corner welds or other dirt-catching surfaces, and are enclosed in durable, attractive, impact-resistant plasticor sheet metal (PC620). Because the tanks are recessed, you won’t have to worry about spills and drips. And these cleaners are durable; the toughest cleaning solutions won’t hurt them, and bumps won’t dent them. The outer plastic case makes these units easier to move and carry. Larger models feature recessed handholds.

All circuitry is solid state for long, trouble-free service (no fans or other moving parts). Every cleaner is equipped with an R.F.I. filter that meets FCC radio frequency standards.

Select among seven basic units and several configurations. The smallest unit is available as an unheated model only. Series PC620 features a rectangular tank that is available in heated and unheated versions without a timer.

The other five models can be ordered in three configurations: unheated with a mechanical timer; heated with a mechanical timer; or heated with digital timer, heat controls and degas function (which allows immediate use at maximum efficiency). Models with mechanical timers include a hold button for continuous-mode operation. Models with digital timers allow exact cleaning cycles up to 99 minutes (mechanical timers are 60 minutes). All models except series PC620 come with a tank cover and are designed for operation at 117VAC, 50/60Hz. Models are also available for 220/240-volt operation.

Models 3510, PC620, 5510 and 8510 include drain.

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