What’s the Best Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser or Remover Machine?

Previously, we wrote about the upsides in cost and time savings generated by the use of an automatic shoe cover dispenser or remover. Additionally, automated processes help ensure consistency when completing repetitive tasks or functions. Businesses benefit the most when equipment is well fitted to their needs and budget. Finding the best automated shoe cover machine requires finding the right one for your cleanroom, manufacturing facility, or customized application. The most important factor is determining the best solution for automatic shoe cover removers is based on the volume of foot traffic the environment services.

Low-volume facilities and cleanrooms of 25 people or less can require hundreds of shoe covers per day, thus mid-volume shoe cover dispensers are well suited for the job. Easy-reload packs are user-friendly and swapped in just a few seconds, so even unexpected traffic is accommodatable. Operations of more than 50 people, which can require 500 or more shoe covers each day, rely on high-volume shoe cover dispensers for quick loading and labor free operation. The shoe covers arrive in 110 count refill packs — for high-volume dispensers the loading chamber accommodates two of these refill packs for up to 220 volume capacity.

Durable construction, foolproof design, and user-friendly operation provide an ideal solution for industrial applications which is why Production Automation (that’s us) wants you to know about CleanPro® automatic shoe cover dispensers and removers. Many automatic shoe cover removers use gimmicky mechanisms, don’t comply with standard regulation for cleanroom booties, or apply shoe covers inconsistently thus mitigating their utility. The stainless-steel construction of CleanPro® shoe cover removers and dispensers provides durability and easy sanitation with a reliable mechanism and simple breakdown and installation. The sturdy build and heavy-duty grab bars ensure safe, freestanding use in less than a second.

The use of an automatic shoe cover dispenser doesn’t require an automatic shoe cover remover, but the ease of disposal and reduction of cross-contamination improves sanitation and the bottom line.

This high-volume shoe cover remover uses a receptacle and 250’ vacuum tube to automatically remove, transport, and dispose of up to 600+ shoe covers into a remote storage container. Electric operation and sterile storage containers with an optional HEPA filter bag facilitate strict contamination control and minimal janitorial services.

Compatible shoe covers and medical booties with these systems are both affordable and easily interchanged. The available shoe cover designs feature waterproof, non-slip, slip resistant, plastic, nonwoven, and hybrid fabrics for any type of environment. Here’s what one user said about the process and product:

 “What a great product!!! Gone are the safety issues of balancing on one leg or the need to have benches stationed throughout the facility in order to apply shoe covers. Now as simple as 1…2…3, a person can apply shoe covers and get moving with no interruption to their schedule. We now have a total of three shoe covering stations, and are looking in the future at buying two more. Again, what great ingenuity and excellence in a product.”- Larry Ewen, QA Lead, Remington, INYour shoe cover

Learn more about CleanPro® automatic shoe cover dispensers and shoe cover removers with this PDF, or learn more about the time and cost savings shoe cover removal machines in our previous blog post. Browse the Production Automation website for more technical specs or contact one of our representatives for a quote or any immediate questions.

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Mitch Walleser

Mitch Walleser

Mitch works with manufacturing engineers and product specialists to examine new technology and products. His background includes 3D printing, electronics and cleanroom manufacturing. Stay up to date with new insights on automated production solutions by following on Twitter. @Go_to_PAC

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