Airy Technology Laser Particle Counter

Airy Technology’s P311 Three Channel Laser Particle Counter

Updated 10/13/2017

Airy Technology P311’s large color display shows cumulative and differential particle counts of 3 particle sizes simultaneously. The middle particle range can easily be changed by a user. P311’s maximum concentration of 4,000,000 particles/ft3 and up to 8,000 data set record capabilities is the highest in the market. Data can be checked on the unit display and/or easily downloaded to your PC via USB cable and saved as a CVS file which is transferable to Excel. P311 is accurate, dependable, user-friendly, compact and lightweight.

– ISO Cleanroom Certification (ISO Class 4>)
– Point Measurements at Cleanrooms
– Particle Source Investigation
– Filter Testing
– Indoor Air Quality Investigations
– Quality Control

– Three Channel Particle Counter
*0.3 μm
*5.0 μm
*Selectable Middle Channel: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, or 2.5 μm
– Large Color Display
– Cumulative and Differential Count
– Maximum Concentration: 4,000,000 particles / ft3
– Data Download Software Included
– USB for Data Download
– Buffer Memory: 8,000 Records
– View Saved Data on the Display
– Measure by Count, /m3, or / ft3

Included Accessories:
AC Adaptor, Isokinetic Inlet, USB Cable, Zero Filter, Software, 4 x AA Batteries with Charger,
Calibration Certificate, Quick Guide, Operating Manual on CD, Carrying Case


To order this Airy Technology P311 Particle Counter, simply CLICK HERE or contact PAC at [email protected].

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