Find Delvo Torque Drivers at PAC!



Production Automation is pleased to announce that we are now a distributor for Delvo torque drivers! Nitto Kohji’s Delvo electric screwdrivers are high quality tools for professional use. Delvo responds to the needs of cell production systems with space-saving screwdrivers that feature precise control and long-term reliability.

Delvo Driver & ControllerRepeatable Accuracy: Designed to provide more consistent torque.

Reduced Recoil: Sophisticated clutches and a motor braking system reduce the hand recoil at the end of the screw tightening operation, reducing user fatigue.

Long Life: Brushless electric screwdrivers provide long operating lives.

Brushless Motors: No brushes to replace and a wide torque range allow brushless drivers to be used in various applications for extended periods of time.

Faster: High-speed motors cut down on screw tightening time and enhance productivity.

Quieter: Compare Delvo to conventional pneumatic screwdrivers and you will hear the difference.

delvo_dlv30seriesDelvo offers a number of different torque driver solutions:

Electric Torque Drivers (Requires a Controller to operate)

Direct Plug Torque Drivers (Plugs directly into the outlet)

Delvo’s range of Controllers (Power Supplies) can be found online at PAC as well.


You can also find torque accessories from Delvo, such as:

Torque Checkers

Tool Balancers

And other accessories like Shaker Boxes, Reaction Arms, and Pistol Grips.

Production Automation is always here to answer questions, help select products to suit to your needs, or provide quotes on products you are interested in. We can be reached by:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-903-0333

Visit our website and use the Live Chat feature:

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