Weller Tip Recycling Program


Weller has launched a reycling program for used, worn out tips.

By recycling the copper and iron from used tips, we can make a real contribution towards helping the environment and preserving its natural resources.

Weller wants you to collect your worn out soldering tips, all types from all manufacturers, send them to Weller and they will arrange for their environmentally safe recycling.

As a bonus Weller is offering the following incentive:
This will benefit the environment but it will also benefit you because for every 2 lbs. of worn out tips you send to Weller you will receive a $75.00 voucher to be used against your next purchase of Weller Brand tips.

Read the full post on Weller’s Blog and to request a Recycling box click here:  Weller Blog- Tip Recycling


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