A Compact Review of Weller’s WT Soldering System

A Compact Review of Weller’s WT Soldering System


The first look at Weller’s new WT soldering systems immediately eases any worries caused by overly complicated digital soldering interfaces. Its front control panel, with a bold-type digital temperature display, gives immediate feedback at a glance and simple access to menus, presets, and the power main. The LCD display is slightly angled backward for overhead viewing and features an adjustable illumination setting for variable light conditions. The front-mounted iron connection centralizes all connections for operator ease including a connection port for a Weller fumigator.

According to Weller, the WT soldering stations represent the world’s first soldering system with replaceable, passive, high-performance soldering tips. The soldering iron features a changeable heating element and an independently replaceable tip. Redesigning the power supply system and iron construction lowers manufacturing costs so that cost savings reach the consumer.

The WT1 system is powered by a 90 W supply, while the WT1H version features an upgraded 150 W power supply for increased thermal transfer on oversized joints. All WSD and WD soldering irons remain compatible with the WT stations.

2-in-1 WSR support is a feature which enables the soldering iron holder 180(DEG) motion, therefore the choice between dry cleaning or sponge cleaning no longer requires awkward movements.

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