Vision Engineering EVO Cam Digital Microscope

Unlock the power of full-HD imaging with the EVO Cam high performance digital microscope.
Full-HD live video imaging (1080p/60fps) brings to life a macroscopic world in stunning detail, with magnification options up to 300x and full auto focus to ensure ultra-sharp imaging at all times. Capture full-HD images at the touch of a button, without a PC.

Exceptional Image Quality

Leading specification optical performance makes EVO Cam a supremely powerful imaging solution.

  • View whole samples, then zoom into the smallest detail with the 30:1 optical zoom.
  • Range of wide-field and precision objective lenses providing zoom magnification options up to 300x. Parfocal and parcentric zoom optics means no re-focusing is required when changing magnification.
  • Auto (and manual) focus, with auto control of other camera settings (white balance, exposure, brightness) ensures ultra-sharp, high contrast imaging at all times.
  • View more details in shadows and highlights with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Visual Enhancement (VE) modes. Ideal for high contrast subjects, such as reflective metals.

Exceptional Simplicity

Simplicity is at the heart of EVO Cam. Intuitive operation minimizes any training requirement, making EVO Cam ideal for multiple users, such as a production environments.

  • Simplicity of stand-alone operation (without a PC). Capture full-HD images direct to USB memory stick at the touch of a button.
  • Know where you are at all times. An ‘overview’ function allows quick and convenient sample orientation, with on-screen magnification and on/off crosshair display.

evo3 Illumination

  • Integral 8-point LED ringlight ensures optimum shadow-free illumination for all applications. Color temperature 5500K.
  • Transmitted substage illumination option permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.

High Performance Optics

evo7A range of objective lens options ensure stunning results for any application, whether for high magnification, high precision detail work, or for manipulation, re-work and assembly tasks requiring an extra-long working distance.

Precision Objective Lenses

Ultra-high and contrast, optimized for precision magnification work with definition excellence. Anti-reflective coating and 2″ (52mm) filter thread.


Wide-Field Objective Lenses

Wide field view, suited for larger subjects. An extra-long working distance provides maximum flexibility and large zoom range for flexible operations. Anti-reflective coating and 2″ (52mm) filter thread.


Camera Specification

Leading specification optical performance makes EVO Cam a supremely powerful imaging solution.


Remote Control Console Option

evo8In addition to convenient operation of all main functions, the remote control console option provides additional functionality, including:

  • Customizable overlay grid and movable cursors for simple on-screen measurement.
  • 3x memory settings (illumination, magnification, and focus position) allowing optimized settings to be saved/recalled for individual samples.
  • Customized camera gain and iris settings, enabling enhanced control of image brightness and depth of focus.


EVO Cam includes simple on-screen measurement capability with customizable  overlay grid and cursors. Requires remote control console option.

  • Customizable overlay grid allows quick on-screen sizing
  • Cursor mode overlays two movable horizontal and vertical lines, allowing measurement of X, Y values, with results displayed on-screen.


EVO Cam Stand Options

Multi-Axis Stand

  • Precise and robust, ideal for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired.
  • Integrated gas strut provides counter-balanced adjustability, making operation quick and effortless. Switch between tall components and flat samples with ease.
  • Available with platform base of mounted directly to the worksurface.

Ergo Stand

  • Small footprint providing exceptional stability for high magnification use.
  • Transmitted substage illumination option permits viewing of a wider range of sample types.
  • Floating stage option provides sensitive control or accurate inspection of samples; ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling.


Double-Arm Boom Stand

  • Designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability.
  • Easy adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.
  • Available with platform base, or with clamp for mounting directly to the worksurface.


Single-Arm Boom Stand

  • evo13High stability boom stand, ideal for larger specimens.
  • Cost-effective stand option, complete with heavy duty platform base.



Articulated Arm Stand

  • evo14Designed for applications requiring extended reach, with ultimate flexibility.
  • Multi-point adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment.


Bench Stand

  • evo15Compact unit with low-profile base and integral transmitted substage illumination.
  • Floating stage option provides sensitive control for accurate inspection of samples.


Where can you use your EVO Cam?

  • Electronics: An exceptionally large field of view and fatigue-free operation makes EVO Cam ideal for electronics PCB inspection. View the whole PCB, then zoom in to check solder joint quality in stunning detail.
  • Medical Devices: From stents to catheters, hearing aids to surgical implements, medical device components require 100% inspection to the highest possible standards. View ultra-sharp, high contrast images in microscopic detail, then capture at the touch of a button.
  • Agriculture: Whether the effects of pesticides on plants, dissecting and analyzing seeds, the image quality and crisp color rendition of EVO Cam provides a powerful and flexible solution for a wide range of tasks.
  • Plastics & Rubber: A wide range of plastic and rubber components such as seals, caps, and closures, or packaging materials are precision manufactured to tight tolerances, making quality inspection essential. Stunning true color, high contrast imaging makes tasks such as flash removal easy.
  • Precision Engineering: Precision engineering components cover a very wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive applications, to watchmaking and general manufacturing. Stunning live video imaging with amazing simplicity makes EVO Cam an invaluable tool to aid any visual inspection task.
  • Entomology: Photo-documentation of insects can be challenging with traditional microscope cameras. Exceptional image quality, a wide zoom magnification range and crisp color rendition makes EVO Cam the perfect fit for entomologists.

Where can you buy EVO Cam?

You can find Vision EVO Cam at Production Automation Corporation! You can follow this link and see all the Vision Video Inspection Microscopes we offer. Or, if you would like to see other microscope products we offer you can view our Microscopes & Magnifiers page.

PAC will quote any product we have on our site or blog for free, simply fill out our request quote form.

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