BodyBilt from ergoGENESIS: Intensive Use & Bariatric Seating

Who needs comfortable, task-driven seating? You do, if you spend most of your working hours seated.

At BodyBilt®, they create and produce customized chairs that are scientifically engineered to better position you in the workplace and home office, minimizing the physical stress that results from limited mobility and repetitive motion. They’ve taken ergonomics “from outer space to the workplace”, as their products are designed to help seated workers mimic the same comfortable, stress-free posture that bodies would naturally assume in a zero-gravity environment. While sitting may be good for business, it’s usually not good for bodies.

Whatever the work environment, every worker who performs most of his or her job tasks in a sitting position is at risk for injury. The U.S. Department of Labor attributes more than 60% of all occupational illnesses to repetitive motion disorders and 40% of recorded worker absences to back injury. BodyBilt® chairs combat the counterproductive effects of long hours seated at work with three integral features:

      1. Modularity: BodyBilt® chairs offer 26 different modular components (6 backs, 7 seats, and 13 different arms) which can be configured to meet individual preferences and specific task needs.
      2. Adjustability: Every BodyBilt® chair utilizes a patented 10 and 12-point Pressure Posture Control™ system to reduce tension in key muscle groups by up to 75% for minimum stress and maximum productivity.
      3. Comfort: BodyBilt’s® modular, adjustable seating ensures a proper fit for every body type, resulting in effective weight distribution and reduced seating pressure.

BodyBilt® also  offers highly ergonomic design with exceptional back support and comfort, adaptable to almost every body type and practically any task. Ideally suited to desktop intensive tasks, BodyBilt® chairs are frequently selected by those in computer0intensive office environments from law firms to banks and from medical offices to manufacturing plants.

Because no two workers and their tasks are the same, BodyBilt® chairs enable complete customization and user control with 26 component options and up to 12 adjustable ergonomic features. Every BodyBilt® chair is delivered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and the kind of customer support that makes repeat customers and referrals the norm, not the exception.

ergoGENESIS is committed to sustainability. Sustainability refers to conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources. The goal at ergoGENESIS is to build their products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. By using foam made from soybeans, upholstering with fabrics that contain recycled material, and by producing renewable products with a longer lifespan, we are able to contribute in a meaningful way to customers and the environment.

Purchasing an ergoGENESIS chair from Production Automation

Production Automation prides itself on having a diverse range of seating options for every environment and task. We chose ergoGENESIS for their Intensive, Big & Tall, and Bariatric seating options.

      • Intensive Use: Intensive Use are designed for users in 24 hour multishift workplaces. These chairs are specifically deisgned wth a steel plate to withstand the rigors of 24/7 application.
      • Big & Tall: The BodyBilt Big & Tall ergonomic chair was designed for you. This chair shapes your body with a contoured high back and a wide ergonomic seat consisting of up to three layers of foam covered with the highest quality leather, or the most ergonomic knit-type fabric.
      • Bariatric: Bariatric chairs are built like the Big & Tall chairs, except that they have a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

Because ergoGENESIS is so highly customizable, we have preconfigured 22 different seating options for our website. If there is a feature, fabric, or option you do not see on our site do not hesitate to contact us at 888-903-0333 or at [email protected] and we can help you build the product you want. ergoGENESIS’ entire product line is available to us, but we chose to narrow it down to make ordering clear and simple. As time goes on, PAC will add other aspects of ergoGENESIS’ line, such as chairs devoted to the healthcare industry.

ergoGENESIS is a manufacturer that can truly create ANY custom seating option. no matter what type of challenge an employee might face when choosing an appropriate chair, ergoGENESIS can create a solution. Take the example picture, a company was struggling to find seating for one of their workers, but once they contacted ergoGENESIS, they were able to have a chair custom built for their employees needs. No longer does a special needs employee need to accept “good enough” when it comes to ergonomic comfort and safety. Whether you need a chair built extra large, or extra small, or anything in between ergoGENESIS can provides results.

Shop all ergoGENESIS chairs at Production Automation

Pro-Line Lab Furniture Solutions

All Pro-Line Lab Furniture products can be full integrated for use in biotechnology and laboratory environments. Pro-Line’s modular products allow you to respond as your needs change to support different work flow requirements. Enhanced flexibility with assured ergonomic integration of the worker and the task to be done.

Pro-Line’s laboratory cabinets feature sound deadening doors and drawers, stainless steel pulls and hinges, removable back panels to access utilities and integrated toe-base with leveling glides. Drawers feature ball bearing slides for smooth and full extension. Cupboards include adjustable shelves and removable pans.

Pro-Line extends modular casework to the next level: self-sustaining islands, wall and floor modules, and comprehensive workbench offerings. Pro-Line can solve all your laboratory needs now and as they evolve in the future. Flexibility that translates into efficient use of resources, enhanced ergonomics, and unmatched performance.

Production Automation has just added these modular lab options to our website and we are excited to help our customers build or expand their labs! You can find all of the Pro-Line Lab Furniture on our website at or by clicking this link: Shop Pro-Line Lab Furniture Now

The images below are examples of the types of configurations that Pro-Line Lab Furniture is capable of:

Cramer Ever Chair

Introducing  EVER

The new standard for strength, versatility, and sustainable design.

How do you redefine a category?

By solving a problem that everyone accepted as a given.

Intensive use chairs are thrown out early in their life-cycle because the upholstery fails. Ever’s patented Renewal™ system extends the promise to the durability as well.

Strong. Smart. Sharp.

It’s never just another day at the office for the workers Ever serves. The universal frame, seat pan, armrests, and base are made of die-cast aluminum – durable and designed to perform three shifts a day, seven days a week.

 Easy Rider

No two people are alike, and Ever supports each and every one of them. Our contoured seat and back, available in a range of sizes, provide cushioned comfort morning, noon, and night. An intensive use chair with a smooth, relaxing ride – that’s Ever.

Designed with the Planet in Mind

Environmental responsibility begins with sustainable design – building products that last longer and use fewer resources over time. Ever’s renewal cushion replacement system allows you to remove or replace your worn or outdated cushions and send them back to Cramer for recycling. That’s the Ever green story.

Time is on Your Side

Intensive use seating is an investment, but the entire chair has never truly gone the distance… until Ever. The resilient universal frame, together with the Renewal cushion replacement system, maintains the chair’s total productivity over time, giving Ever a new life…or two…or three.

The Key to Workplace Versatility

Introducing the Renewal™ replacement cushion system. Now you can easily remove and replace the seat cushions, increasing the longevity – and adaptability – of Ever.

Simply remove the cushions with a quarter turn of the Quick Lock Fasteners – two on the seat cushion, and four on the back cushion.

Then put the new cushions in place on the frame and secure the fasteners – it’s that easy.

A new life for your Ever chair is never more than a minute away.

Sit.  Renew. Repeat.

Cramer is putting the environment first by minimizing Ever’s impact on the planet and creating a practical recycling system.

When you replace your Ever cushions using the Renewal replacement cushion system, you can return your worn or outdated cushions to Cramer for recycling.

Those cushions, after a visit to Cramer’s local recycling partner, have a second life in someone’s home or office (i.e., as carpet pad, insulation, or perhaps a punch bowl).

And, of course, the materials that make up Ever’s core – aluminum, plastic, steel – are also recyclable.

Claiming a product is recyclable – that’s easy. Creating a product and recycling process that achieves true sustainability – that’s Ever.

The Frame is the Thing

Ever’s new approach to the seating life cycle requires a firm foundation to succeed, and its distinctive die-cast aluminum frame rises to the challenge.

Paired with the patent-pending Renewal replacement cushion system, it ensures the longevity of the total chair.

That assurance is backed by the most aggressive warranty available in the intensive use market – 15 years, 24/7.

EVER – The best investment in intensive use seating.

Purchasing Ever Seating

Ever Seating can be purchased from production Automation, SHOP HERE.

Not only does PAC sell these chairs, we use them! Our web staff all use Cramer Ever chairs, and can attest to the comfort, durability, and aesthetics.

BioFit and Seating Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a topic we’ve covered numerous times on the Production Automation blog, but it is a topic that is relevant in so many industries. Whether you work on a production floor in a factory or in an office, or even at home, ergonomics play a large role in our health and well-being. Before we go into BioFit’s ergonomics, let us introduce you to the company.

BioFit is a leader in chair design and fabrication of earth-friendly, ergonomic seating for health care, educational, technology, laboratory, industrial, and office work-spaces.
BioFit is built on a foundation of over 60 decades of ergonomic expertise, beginning with the implementations of solutions for labs and educational markets in the 1940’s. From the onset, BioFit realized that carefully maintaining a traditional sense of Midwestern values – integrity, friendliness, hard work, community, and environment – is just as critical as the craftsmanship that they put into today’s products as well as the research and engineering continually underway in the development of tomorrow’s.
BioFit’s commitment to quality is guaranteed by upfront, nothing-to-hide warranties on every product. Their entire seating lines are rated as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) compliant for use in commercial interiors, qualifying specifiers for LEED® building credits. BioFit products are made to last and are manufactured to last for 13 years or longer.

BioFit understands the design of a piece of furniture is as individual as the person using it. Their knowledge of ergonomic science and workplace intricacies allows them to create pieces that assure harmonic user and product interactions – increasing comfort, productivity, and accordingly, positive bottom-line results.

Here is what BioFit has to say about seating ergonomics:

Ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging things to help ensure the safe and efficient interaction between the things and the people who use them. At BioFit Engineered Products, this means designing seating that helps protect users from musculo-skeletal disorders and repetitive motion injuries while aiding their performance in the accomplishment of particular tasks.

The first things to look at when designing seating of any specific purpose is the layout of the work-space where the chair will be used, the tasks to be performed, and how the chair is expected to function in that context. Of the five key risk factors in ergonomic injuries, it’s important to remember that the chair offers control over posture only. Excessive repetitive movements, use of manual force, exposure to extremes in temperature and contact with vibration all have unique consequences. Yet, an ergonomically correct chair can give users an advantage by putting them in healthier working positions.

While there is no single correct posture for continual sitting, changing posture frequently in a fully adjustable ergonomic chair remains the most important factor in alleviating sitting problems. Additionally, ergonomic  seating can also help maintain attentiveness in staff, increasing performance. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between true “ergonomic” seating and products merely labeled as such. Ergonomic seating produced by BioFit includes proven components and options such as:

  • A five legged pedestal base
  • Fully adjustable and cushioned armrests
  • A seat that allows for even weight distribution
  • Lumbar support
  • Easy-to-use height adjustment

There is simply no substitute for a durable, ergonomically correct chair. BioFit chairs are scientifically designed and independently tested to meet the most demanding standards for use in a variety of environments.

Production Automation is happy to be adding BioFit chairs to our website. BioFit offers a variety of chairs in a Quick Ship program which Production Automation now offers! Each line can be used in a variety of environments and all of them can be made ESD, Cleanroom, or a combination of both. Click on any of the links below to start shopping BioFit products.

BE Series: Larger & more ergonomic with great durability. Used in industrial, lab, healthcare, and critical environments.

BT Series: Durable, tough, & reasonably priced. Used in industrial, lab, healthcare, and critical environments.

EE Series: large ergonomic contour seat is a comfort solution in plants, labs, offices, and cleanrooms.

ET Series: Ergonomic support in these chairs makes them win-win for industrial applications as well as lab, office and cleanroom.

Fast Ship Program Details:

Order up to 15 chairs per day per customer, simply choose the model and available options from Production Automation’s BioFit section (SHOP HERE) and BioFit will ship within 72 hours!

Production Automation is always available to answer any questions or concerns you have during or after placing an order, we can be contacted at 888-903-0333 or at [email protected]

Task Seating: Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

For 20 years, ergoCentric has been committed to providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry – not the lowest price, or the coolest looking chairs, although both price and aesthetics are important.

Total Cost of Ownership is an “estimate of all direct and indirect costs associated with an asset or acquisition over its entire life cycle.”

Providing the lowest total cost of ownership is the result of a continuous effort to help the customer reduce every cost that relates to the purchase and use of their task seating.

The upfront price of a task chair is only a small portion of the total cost of the chair. Prior to the initial purchase, some questions need to be asked.

  • What is my potential administration cost for repair and maintenance?
  • Is the labor cost included in the manufacturers’ warranty?
  • What is the cost of making changes to chairs to accommodate changes in employees or employee needs?
  • Is there a cost for fitting special needs employees with customized chairs?
  • Is training on the proper usage available? What is the cost?
  • What productivity increases can be anticipated?
  • Will lost time claims be reduced?

Employers understand the concept of lowest total cost of ownership and life cycle costs. However, many have not taken the time to understand all the costs relating to task seating over time, or they assume all office seating suppliers are the same. As a result the life cycle cost analysis that is applied to new computer systems, for example, are not always applied to the purchase of new task seating.

Task chairs affect productivity in the same way computer systems do and therefore deserve the same kind of cost benefit analysis.

Bundling Furniture Purchases

There was a time when a case could be made for one stop shopping. Not anymore. There are a number of variables in creating an ergonomically friendly workstation, with task seating being at the top of the list. Task seating has an enormous impact on the health/welfare and productivity of employees.  To purchase based on volume pricing or convenience just doesn’t make economic sense when one applies Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Given the huge impact task seating has on the health and productivity of employees, task seating should always be separated in the selection and tender processes from other furniture that is purchased. It is too important to be an afterthought and can end up costing far more than may be saved by the perceived efficiencies of one stop shopping or volume pricing.

Ergonomists and Interior Designers

The advice of professional ergonomists is crucial. Ergonomics is an intensive course of study, requiring a four year university degree and continuing education, and yet many corporations do not seem to appreciate the value ergonomists can bring to their bottom line. An ergonomist will apply their skill to lessen the impact on the human body that is caused by repetitive and excessive physical stress – essentially they ensure tools, machines, and other equipment optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive. Designs are created in response to and coordinated with code and regulatory requirements and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability.

When it comes to task seating we feel the advice of an ergonomist should be blended with the sills of the professional interior designer to ensure that the end user gets the lowest total cost of ownership.

Purchasing the Right Chair

While purchasing task seating may seem like a simple task – ” a chair is a chair” – it is important to consider the total cost of ownership and long-term ramifications of the chair being purchased, both from a financial and ergonomic point of view. Seating can so greatly affect the health and safety of the workforce that it should be considered separate from other office furniture purchases in order to properly evaluate all options and price points. To do this, the assistance of professional ergonomists in tandem with interior designers is often the best choice to balance long term health benefits with aesthetics.

About ergoCentric

At ergoCentric Seating Systems, their sole mission and focus is to design and manufacture the best ergonomic chairs in the world.

Working closely with ergonomists and health practitioners to continuously improve and refine their chair designs, ergoCentric Seating Systems offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing task, executive, guest and stackable seating for the office environment.

ergoCentric’s industrial and high-tech seating meets the specialized requirements of factory, laboratory, ESD, and Cleanroom settings.

Seating for your increasingly diverse workforce

Our workforce is changing. Immigration, an aging population, the need to accommodate disabilities and an increase in sizes make it impossible for one chair, no matter how adjustable, to fit every person.

ergoCentric Seating Systems are ergonomically designed to accommodate 100% of your diverse workforce. In addition to making the most adjustable chairs on the market, modularity is a key component of ergoCentric’s business model.

Comfort, health and productivity

The human body was not made for sitting. Lack of proper support while seated adds stress to the body, which over a period of time, can lead to muscle fatigue, circulatory problems and even spinal injuries. A proper ergonomic chair provides the support so essential to your health and the comfort you need to be productive.

Recommended by ergonomists and health care practitioners to reduce stresses caused by the seated posture, ergoCentric is also the first company to have its chairs recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Browse ergoCentric Chair Options

Production Automation carries the full line of ergoCentric chairs on our website. Click any of the links below to start shopping.

  • INDUSTRIAL: Seating that keeps you comfortable even in harsh industrial environments, selected ergoCentric standard fabrics stand up to 1,000,000 double rubs for added wear resistance.
  • ESD: ESD (electrostatic dissipative) seating provides superior ergonomic comfort and modular design. Virtually every part of their ESD chairs is grounded to the base to assure continuity.
  • CLEANROOM: Made from the highest quality materials and components, every cleanroom chair is inspected before it is shipped to ensure the highest quality.
  • CLEANROOM/ESD:  Combination seating is available for environments that require a chair with both an ESD and cleanroom option. Cleanroom chairs meet air cleanliness specs for Class 100.
  • OFFICE CHAIRS: We put the best basic models of each type of ergoCentric office chair on our site, with the most popular accessories. We can quote ANY chair that ergoCentric offers.


Ten Rules for Choosing the Right Ergonomic Chair

Purchasing a new chair may not seem like a daunting task, but once you start looking at various ergonomic chairs and their adjustable features and options, sizes, heights, functions, and materials it can be downright confusing.

Here is a ten step guideline to help you choose the perfect chair for your body, environment, and task.

1. Make sure casters fit the intended use of the chair – i.e. Nylon casters for carpet, urethane casters for hard floor surfaces, ect.

2. The base of the chair should be the correct size and type for the size and type of the chair. In general, larger chairs require larger bases for stability. If bases are plastic, they should be made of 30% glass-reinforced nylon with a metal hub insert.

3. Task chairs should have pneumatic seat height adjustment. This allows the seat height to be easily adjusted, and acts as a shock absorber when sitting down and allows the chair to swivel so you don’t have to twist your back when reaching for things. A brand name gas lift from one of the original manufacturers is advisable, as many lower priced versions are unproven at best.

4. The seat pan should tilt forward and backward, should lock into any position to provide the variation in postures required by the human body, and have a tilt tension control if the seat has a free float mode.

5. For a proper fitting seat:

a. The seat size must allow the user to sit back against the backrest while leaving approximately a three-finger width of clearance between the back of the knees and the front of the seat.

b. The seat should have a waterfall (curves downward) front edge to reduce pressure on the veins beneath the thighs and should subtly curve up at the sides to redistribute the user’s weight away from their seat bones.

c. The seat should not be “dished out” (dip inward in the center), which puts pressure on the veins beneath the thighs and should not rise up at the back middle portion of the seat pan, as that puts extra pressure on the base of the spine.

d. The seat pan depth should be adjustable

6. To ensure the best support for your back:

a. The backrest must have a firm lumbar support built into its structure, not just the foam, as foam alone cannot provide the force necessary to reposition the lumbar spine back into its natural curvature.

b. The backrest must also have lateral curves to support the upper body, so as to reduce the amount if muscle activity required to keep it in the upright position.

c. The backrest should be covered with foam to avoid having a hard structure come into direct contact with the user’s back and should not have hard edges that can cause discomfort for some users.

d. The backrest should be the correct size for the length of the person’s back.

7. The angle between the seat pan and back support should be greater than 90° to help reduce stress on the structure of the spine. The backrest angle should be adjustable to allow the user to vary their posture.

8. The lumbar support should adjust up and down to fir people of different body types. A large range in lumbar height adjustment is more necessary than most people realize, as it must not only accommodate people of different heights but people of different weights, especially when additional weight is carried on the buttocks.

9. Adjustable arms (when appropriate) should:

a. Allow the user to pull their chair close to their work surface;

b. Support the weight of the user’s arms to reduce stress on the shoulders and neck;

c. Provide guidance and support when getting in and out of the chair.


10. Adjustable arms must be safe and well built to avoid injury. A low quality adjustable chair can cause more harm than good.

Production Automation has many lines of seating available, whether you need basic office chairs, or seating that can be used in a Class 10 clean room, or even chairs that need to be autoclaved! Find our entire selection HERE, or contact us at [email protected] and we can work on quoting you the type, and quantity you need FAST!

Metro SmartWall G3 System

Introducing Metro’s new SmartWall G3 System!

A unique storage and work station system for often underutilized space – empty walls. SmartWall G3 and its system of integrated wall tracks offer the flexibility to add wall shelving and wall mounted task stations where needed throughout a facility. The use of the system around and above sinks, work stables, and equipment will keep these areas cleaner and more organized. SmartWall G3 can become an integral part of everyday operating processes to improve efficiencies and ultimately the return on investment (ROI).

  • Flexible, Robust Design: Wall tracks and uprights are designed to interface with wood studs, plywood, concrete, and other suitable wall structures.
  • Configurations: Task Stations: Unique combinations of wall tracks, shelves, grids, and accessories.
  • Adjustable Wall Shelving: Standard Metro Super Erecta wire and solid, MetroMax Q, and MetroMax i™ shelves can be used with the SmartWall G3 shelf supports.
  • Easy to Adjust: Uprights and grid brackets can be easily repositioned along the track.Heavy gauge uprights adjust vertically every 1-1/2″ inches. Grids have a 3″ vertical and horizontal adjustment for accessories.
  • Easy to Install: Simply attach the wall tracks to a proper mounting structure. The wall tracks provide a level mounting surface for uprights and grid brackets. Hang the uprights or grid brackets from the track. Configure the task station or wall shelving. Finally, secure the uprights or bottom grid brackets to the wall.
  • Easy to Clean: Shelves, shelf supports, and grids can easily be removed for thorough cleaning of walls. Wall tracks and uprights can easily be wiped clean.
  • Durable Finishes: Super Erecta Brite for dry environments; Metroseal 3 epoxy for wet or damp environments with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that cause odors and protect degradation.

You can find all of Metro’s SmartWall Products on our website,, or by following any of the links below:

Wall Tracks & Uprights

Shelf Supports

Grids & Bracket Kits



Gibo Kodama Chairs

At Gibo/Kodama Chairs, they design chairs for hours of productivity. From the shape of their seats to the density of their foam, from the ease of control adjustments to their ergonomically designed support system, Gibo/Kodama designs fit and productivity into every chair. You’ll find Gibo/Kodama chairs in production lines, biomedical labs, office environments, anywhere productivity is vital to a company’s well being. Gibo/Kodama’s technical seating, including ESD and Cleanroom chairs, is used by the top companies of our nation. And all of Gibo/Kodama’s products are proudly made here in the USA.

Learn more about the different types of Gibo Kodama Chairs we offer:

Stamina 3000 Series:

The Stamina 3000 Series is very well known and is highly regarded as one of the best chairs on the market for Cleanroom, ESD, and general production applications. The Series continues to be specified as the standard chair for many of the Fortune 1000 companies. Multiple height ranges available, from desk height to high bench. Numerous options make it easy to fit most end users and their applications.

Synchron 4000 Series:

The Synchron 4000 Series is a capacious version of the Stamina 3000 Series. A larger person will appreciate the size of the seat and back. Both add comfort and support where it is needed most. A heavy-duty independent tilt control easily withstands the daily rigors of the common 24/7 workplace.

Rèspon 6000 Series – Special Task Chair:

The Rèspon Series Special Task Chair features and independent tilt control and a uniquely shaped back with a ratcheting mechanism for easy height adjustment. This model is a standard in many local and national government facilities. It is offered in both desk height and bench height.

Stamina 7000 Series – Saddle Seat:

The Stamina 7000 Series offers all the features of the 3000 Series, but uses a uniquely shaped saddle seat. The saddle seat helps to keep the user properly seated, particularly where slick cleanroom suits contribute to slippage problems. It also allows easier access to the footring used on bench height models.

Harsh Environment Task Chair 9000 Series:

The Harsh Environment 9000 Series incorporates a polyurethane seat and back to handle the harshest environments. To resist corrosion, special attention has been taken to cover or coat all exposed metal, including control, back upright and handles. All threaded knobs and caster stems are stainless steel. These innovations make this chair ideal for most corrosive and wet applications.

P3000 Series:

The P3000 Series features a very durable, solid, polyurethane seat and back. This feature makes this an economical choice of a clean room application. Seat angle, back angle, and back height adjustments are easily made using the standard “Ergo Tilt” control. The contoured seat and back add comfort and support for prolonged sitting.

1000PL Series Stools:

The 1000 PL Series offers a basic round stool, with multiple height ranges, that will fit in areas where other chairs are too large. Cleanrooom and ESD options are also available.

Medical Stools:

Gibo/Kodama Medical Stools offers the exceptional comfort of a highly contoured seat and the ergonomic function of a lockable, rocking, forward tilt control. These features add exceptional comfort and support for the medical or dental profession.

Class 10 Cleanroom/ESD 8000 Series:

The Class 10 Cleanroom/ESD Chair provides maximum comfort while meeting current cleanroom standards. Special features to ensure Class 10 rating include: heavy-duty urethane bladders to seal in seat and back foam, an air exchange system to prevent foam outgassing, plastic control covers and specially filtered cylinders.

Class 100 C1000PL Series Stool:

The C1000PL Series is a basic round stool, with multiple height ranges, that will fit in areas where other chairs are too large. ESD option is also available.

Class 100 Cleanroom Option:

Class 100 cleanroom option is available for the following series: C1000PL, Stamina C3000, Synchron C4000, and Stamina C7000. All cleanroom chairs are upholstered with vinyl, use polished aluminum or chrome plated components, and incorporate depth filtration ventilation in both seats and backs.

Harsh Environment:

Gibo/Kodama harsh environment chairs are designed to better withstand harsh environments and the cleaning methods used by biotechnology companies.

ESD Options:

Chairs are an important component in creating an ESD safe environment for sensitive equipment or products. As a recognized leader in the industry, Gibo/Kodama Chairs offers an ESD option on many of their chairs. In addition to using high quality components and a precise manufacturing process, they test all of their chairs prior to shipping to ensure they meet the ANSI/ESD STM12.1-2006 Standard.

View the entire Gibo Kodama line here : SHOP NOW

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]

Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

Introducing the newest product line at Production Automation, Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions has been providing superior ergonomic accessories at affordable prices since 1988. ESI’s focus is on improving efficiency by adding comfort, flexibility, and mobility to the computer workstation, catering to office, health care, and educational environments. ESI realizes the importance of evolving workplace environments and, in turn, develops custom products and solutions to accommodate such changes.

Production Automation is offering the following products:

3-ESICombo Solutions

Making it easy! Combo Solutions come with an articulating arm, keyboard platform, leatherette-covered gel palm rests, non-slip pads, mouse pads, mouse guards, and a cord management clip.

Everything you need in one part number!

MRFS01-ESIMonitor Arms

ESI Ergonomic Solutions’ easy-glide monitor arm puts your flat screen right where you need it. Whether you have one panel or six, ESI has a space-saving monitor arm for you. Available in Grommet Mount or Desk Clamp.

It’s all about Flexibility!


Protect your CPU from damaging environmental factors. Keep it off the floor and out of the way with one of ESI’s CPU Holders. Choose from the Easy Adjust Model or the Lockable Metal Model. Both have a 17″ Glide Track and can move 360 degrees.

Space Saving Solutions!


Footrests increase comfort and decrease fatigue by redistributing body weight for healthier positioning of spine and legs.

Available in 2 sizes!

View all available ESI Products at Production Automation