Brady BMP51 Label Printer

The BMP51 Label Maker has all the latest features for portable printing on the go: a large display screen, easy-to-use label design apps, fast print speed, and more. You can carry this printer throughout your facility to quickly and easily make labels on the go.

It has a 300 dpi print head and prints at a speed of 1 inch per second. It can print on a variety of continuous and die-cut materials up to 1.5″ wide. With a built-in cutter, easy top-loading cartridges, and 3 different options for battery power, the BMP51 Label Maker is a powerful printer for on-the-job label making.

Plus, the BMP51 Label Maker is a versatile portable printer with extensive connectivity and networking options. It offers built-in Bluetooth® technology or an optional wifi card, which means you can print wirelessly to this printer from your computer or Android phone.

BMP51 Label Printer Features

The BMP®51 Label Maker is a portable printer that can print labels up to 1.5” inches wide. It has similar features as the BMP®53 Label Maker, except that it offers a large display screen, built-in labeling apps, and other features that allow you to create labels without being tethered to a computer or other device.

Here are some of the top features of the BMP®51 Label Maker

Quick & Easy Label Design:

  • 300 dpi print head and 1” per second print speed (more than 2x as fast as the IDXPERT printer!)
  • Large, graphical display with backlight that has on-screen indicators for parts, remaining material, battery and more!
  • Built-in label apps for fast, easy label design
  • Material recognition and automatic label formatting (no calibration!)
  • Durable built-in cutter that retains the label after it’s cut until you need it
  • Built-in Bluetooth® or optional Wi-Fi card for wireless printing from a network
  • USB PC connectivity with LabelMark™ and CodeSoft™ Software compatibility

Hassle-Free Printer Cartridges:

  • Ribbon and label materials in ONE cartridge!
  • Install or remove ribbon and material in one easy step
  • No need to worry about having the right ribbon for your materials
  • Ribbon and material runs out at the same time so you waste less
  • Top-loading cartridge with “no jam” technology that easily snaps into place

Wireless Printing Capabilities

  • Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology comes standard with printer
  • Create, edit, print and save labels with an Android phone and a Brady Mobile App
  • Optional Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet cards allow you to connect to a network

Rugged industrial printer and materials

  • Durable materials that won’t fade, smear or fall off – so you only need to label something once
  • 20 different materials available, so you can have the right material for your specific job
  • Printer survives a 4-foot drop onto concrete, harsh environments and all kinds of temperatures

Applications of the BMP®51 Label Printer

The BMP®51 Label Maker prints on both continuous and die-cut label materials. With over 190 different label and tag parts to choose from, you can make sure you always have the right material for the job.

Data Comm & A/V Applications:

  • General ID
  • Flags
  • Patch Panel Labels
  • Wire Markers
  • 110 Block Labels
  • 66 Block Labels
  • BIX Block Labels

Electrical Applications:

  • Cable Flags
  • Wire Markers
  • Terminal Block Labels
  • Wire Markers
  • Flag Labels
  • General ID & Maintenance Labels

Facility and Safety Applications:

  • Barcode Labels
  • Lean and 5S Labels
  • Shelf and Bin Labeling
  • Work-in-Process Labels
  • Facility and Safety ID
  • Hardware Labeling (including vertical printing)

Product and Panel Manufacturing Applications:

  • Work-in-Process Labels
  • Rating and Serial Plate Labels
  • Finished Goods Labels

Laboratory Applications:

  • Tube and Vial ID
  • Lean Lab Labeling
  • Well Plate and Other Glassware ID

View this Printer at Production Automation by CLICKING HERE, or view all Brady options HERE


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