Where to Buy Cleanroom and ESD Garments, Protective Gear, and Labwear

Worklon® provides a comprehensive line of apparel for cleanrooms, controlled environments and ESD sensitive areas. Markets served include Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Semi-conductor and Food Processing.

Worklon® manufactures cleanroom and controlled environment apparel and accessories for the ultimate defense in particle control, electrostatic dissipation, fluid resistance and bacteria filtration for peripheral areas of the High Tech Industry. ESD Lab Wear is offered in a variety of fabrics and styles.

Choose from materials such as:

  • Maxima High Density: A densely woven 100% polyester fabric. Maxima High Density offers excellent barrier protection against bacteria, fluids, and particles. This fabric is gamma compatible and autoclavable. (ESD Version: 99% polyester, 1% carbon yarn)
  • Integrity 1800: 99% polyester and 1% carbon yarn creates a static dissipative fabric. This material is highly fluid repellent and contains an antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce bio-burden. This material is also gamma compatible and autoclavable.
  • Burlington C3: A densely woven, static dissipative fabric made or 99% polyester and 1% carbon yarn. This material has excellent durability.
  • More fabric options available including: Polyester Taffeta, Polyester Herringbone, Micro-Stat, and Work-Stat.

The Worklon® Series also carries a variety of boots and shoe covers, with a choice of hypalon soles or molded soles.

  • Hypalon Soles: Polyester substrate with static dissipative hypalon coating. The material is flexible, skid/abrasion/chemical resistant. Gamma compatible and autoclavable.
  • Molded Soles: Once piece injection molded, custom nitrile rubber. good resistance to slipping, scuffs and chemicals. Static dissipative and durable. Also gamma compatible and autoclavable.

For added protection in cleanrooms and for worker comfort, Worklon® offers Intersuits in both standard and ESD versions.

  • Microdenier Sandwash with Nano-Dry Technology: 100% polyester microfiber fabric has a luxurious silk-like hand and appearance. Excellent opacity, drapability and moisture wicking capability. Gamma compatible and autoclavable.
  • Microdenier Sandwash ESD with Carbon Yarn Grid & Nano-Dry Technology: 99% polyester, 1% carbon yarn that provides superior static dissipation and moisture control. Lightweight with a soft hand, this fabric is extremely comfortable and offers low particulation. Also gamma compatible and autoclavable.

Now that you have a better idea of the fabrics to choose from, please browse through the categories of products we have available in the Worklon Brand:





Lab Coats

Shoe Covers

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Mel Meadows

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