Brief Overview of the Metcal CV-5210 Soldering Iron with Connection Validation

The burden of quality and inter-metallic thickness of hand soldered joints had traditionally relied upon visual inspection and experience of the operator. Not anymore.

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Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station

Continuing on our Hakko product focus, today we'll look at the Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station. Please keep in mind that the items that were blogged yesterday, and the rest of the Hakko products that will be discussed this week are on special at Production Automation, we think Hakko is a great company with excellent products,... Continue Reading →

Hakko Soldering Products Now Available at PAC

Production Automation is excited to announce we are now full distributors of Hakko Brand soldering equipment! We have just finished work on our new section of Hakko Soldering, and invite you to come take a look at all the excellent products we have available. Before March, we only offered the Hakko 936-12 soldering station but... Continue Reading →

OKi Metcal PS-900 Soldering System

New PS Series Soldering System The PS Soldering Series features an innovative, compact power supply with a small footprint which is ideal for production environments. OKi Metcal recently released the new PS-900 Soldering System, adding to their already quality line of PS Series Soldering Stations. The PS-900 is designed to be used with SmartHeat® PowerTips™... Continue Reading →

Weller Releases New WD1002T Solder Station

Weller's industry leading WD1002 Soldering Station just got better - Introducing the WD1002T. The Weller WD1002T Soldering Station will extend tip life during lead-free applications. Soldering at its best! New from Weller the WD1002T is a microprocessor controlled soldering station which is ideally suited for use in repair and laboratory environments as well as for... Continue Reading →

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