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Pipe and Joint Form Rack Solutions Keep Getting More Customizable

Pipe and Joint Form Racks Provide Manufacturers with Custom Shelving, Workstation,  and Production Aid Solutions At a Fraction of the Cost

Designing and outsourcing your own custom racks for production, distribution, and warehouses can be expensive and time-consuming. Just like custom tools on the traditional manufacturing floor, costs and long lead times associated with the creation of custom production items can deflate the original purpose — a rapid return on investment.

The future of manufacturing requires custom racks and production aids that arrive on the floor faster and cheaper. Companies like Ford, Samsung, GM, Yamaha, and more understand the importance of ergonomic, mobile, and dynamic storage racks, carts, and gravity flow systems. Clever pipe and joint systems make custom workstations feasible on short lead times at a fraction of the cost of traditionally designed production or storage systems. High strength to weight ratio, low maintenance, and zero-weld installation enable disassembly for repurposing or reuse of components.

What makes pipe and joint systems so valuable, is that customization is infinite. Customized pipe lengths, fittings, lights, roller guides, and caster hardware highlight design freedom on an ‘a-la-carte’ basis. Just get the accessories or rack you need, and skip everything you don’t. Below you’ll find some inspiration on different configurations and purposes. Because the options are infinite, getting a quote  on a workstation, cart rack, gravity flow system is the best way to coordinate your exact specifications. See video and images below, discover more about available accessories.

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Shelf Bin Racks and Carts

Mobile Shelf Bin Rack

Creative Fixture and Shelf Carts

Dunnage Racks

Customized Modular Production Racks


Proform Pipe and Joint Mobile Workstations

Wood Top Mobile Workstation
Tabletop and Drawer Combo

Unique Gravity Flow Pipe and Joint Solutions

Bin and Accessory Racks

Large Grid Flow Racks

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Download the 5S Organization Guide Used By NASA, Boeing, & HP.

How Did the 5S Organization System Become Standard at NASA, Boeing, and Hewlett-Packard?

Managers, shift leaders, and employees often hold differing opinions on how products, materials, tools, and merchandise “should be” organized on the warehouse or production floor. Workspaces without a standardized system for organization yield more mistakes, non-essential actions, and dismal workflow. Finding a solution requires restructuring organization around visualized data, which overhauls the human brain’s ability to categorize, identify, and organize data efficiently. Visual imagery transmits messages up to 400% faster and commits concepts to long-term memory with better recall than text data.

The 5S system facilitates a visually driven work environment which eliminates questions, cuts down material handling costs, and ensures what is supposed to happen, does happen. This 5S system handbook provides a detailed, step-by-step guide for one of the most effective and commonly adopted organizational methodologies for commercial workspaces. These tips help you achieve a workspace with minimal waste, fewer human errors, and fewer headaches.

Sort – Don’t Get Zealous
Don’t remove anything without the local work group’s approval. Zealous 5S’ers can undermine support by barging ahead insensitively. It’s better to compromise on some things than to jeopardize the 5S mission. However, be persuasive when appropriate, when something is clearly a source of waste or is used infrequently. Remove and replace old or damaged safety signage instead of adding it to the closet.

Shine – Define Clean
Define “clean” – you may face conflicting definitions for clean within your work area. Find a definition that everyone supports. Be sure to identify appropriate cleaning supplies for your work area. Some cleaning solutions may harm equipment while other cleaning instruments may harm metals, photocells, or tooling.

Set in Order – Involve Everyone
Involve the entire team (immediate work area and others) in thinking through changes. Be sensitive to the concerns and reservations of stakeholders; they know the area best. Sketch ideas on a flip chart or paper to build understanding and evaluate them. Evaluate the space at hand, and think realistically about whether the current storage bins, cabinets, and lockers provide sufficient space without overload.

Standardize – Quality Labels, Effective Color
Highly visible and easy to understand: floor signs and aisle tape help identify hazards and provide visual cues for capturing attention, comprehension, and retention. Standardize floor and area tape colors with this guide. Handwritten signage is difficult to read on high shelves and fades over time. High-quality labelers with durable adhesives will ensure exact, consistent, and lasting labels for long-term success.

Sustain – Commit & Collaborate
Network with others engaged in the same activity. Collaborate to establish common approaches for creating documentation, visual aids, etc. Tap your company’s graphics staff or people with strong computer skills to help with visual aids. Provide them with a rough sketch or an example from a technical manual or catalog.

Download the 5S Organization Handbook 

Read moreDownload the 5S Organization Guide Used By NASA, Boeing, & HP.

MetroMax Q Shelving

With Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection! Part of the innovative MetroMax iQ™ Storage System , MetroMax Q™ is a longer life storage solution with conventional wire shelving. The product offers durable polymer mats that remove for easy cleaning and protect stored items from damage. Quick adjust shelves and MetroMax iQ™ accessories provides a very efficient use of … Read moreMetroMax Q Shelving

Build Your Own Metro Shelving Unit at PAC

Metro shelving is some of the best wire shelving on market today, its used in many industries and applications including medical, industrial, kitchen, and even residential. Production Automation offers a full line of Metro products, which you can find here. Choosing the components you need to purchase Metro shelving from Production Automation is a simple … Read moreBuild Your Own Metro Shelving Unit at PAC

The Knock-Out Rewards of Reusables

Plastic Vs. Corrugated Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) have many advantages over corrugated paper containers: Reusable: RPCs can be used repeatedly with minimal wear and typically last anywhere from 20 to 100 times , versus a one-time trip with a corrugated box. Durable: Weather resistant, more rigid and non-absorbing compared to corrugated paper … Read moreThe Knock-Out Rewards of Reusables

MetroMax i Polymer Shelving

MetroMax i polymer shelving offers the strength of steel and a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust. Built from advanced polymers with type 304 stainless steel corners, these shelves are as strong as Metro’s wire shelving, with a capacity of an evenly distributed 800 lbs. (2000 lbs. per stationary unit). Microban Anti-microbial Product Protection is built into every … Read moreMetroMax i Polymer Shelving

Get Metro Shelving Assembly Instructions and Find Spare Parts

Metro shelving prides itself on easy assembly and long lasting durability. To show you just how easy assembling a shelving unit is using split sleeves, we’ve created this two step visual guide along with some helpful tips to keep in mind with your Metro shelving. For replacement posts, shelves, casters, shelving, or full rack unit … Read moreGet Metro Shelving Assembly Instructions and Find Spare Parts

Metro Starsys – Reinvent Your Lab!

No matter what you need – open, closed, short, tall, mobile, stationary elements, preconfigured WorkCenters or carts…Starsys has the elements for you. With Starsys, you choose form an array of modular units to fit the space and work specifications. It’s that easy and that flexible.

Benefits of Wireless Mobility in Your Warehouse

Without mobility, business processes are tied to a desk and paper is used to distribute information. A paper driven process requires data to be handled multiple times leading to inefficient use of time and the greater chances of costly errors. The growth of wireless technology has changed the nature of how electronic equipment can be … Read moreBenefits of Wireless Mobility in Your Warehouse

Rubbermaid Sustainable Operations

Production Automation has recently added Rubbermaid Commercial products to our website, and we are very excited about it, Rubbermaid is an easily recognizable name by both home and industrial users and is associated with high quality and reliability. What people might not know about Rubbermaid though, is that they are committed to sustainability, ethical standards, and the environment. … Read moreRubbermaid Sustainable Operations

Metro Shelving Free Shipping

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, we’ve said it a hundred times! Production Automation is offering free shipping† on ALL Metro orders totaling $350 or more. This special was only to last for a few months early last year, but due to the overwhelmingly positive result from our customers Metro has been generous … Read moreMetro Shelving Free Shipping

Metro Shelving Lab Solutions — Utility, Security and Caster Carts

Types of Metro Shelving Cart and Wire Rack Solutions Deep Ledge Carts: Metro Deep Ledge Carts with Microban® antimicrobial product protection are the most advanced general purpose carts in the marketplace today. The Deep Ledge series has shelves with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection that helps keep shelves cleaner between cleanings by inhibiting the growth … Read moreMetro Shelving Lab Solutions — Utility, Security and Caster Carts

Metro Top-Track High Density Shelving

Save space without sacrificing storage! The benefits of using Metro’s Top Track High Density Storage: Maximized Storage Capacity: Top-Track can increase the storage capacity of a given area by 30% to 40%. Mobile units are used in between stationary units. Only one aisle, which can be opened up between any two units as needed, is … Read moreMetro Top-Track High Density Shelving

Metro SmartWall G3 System

Metro’s SmartWall G3 System A unique storage and workstation system for often underutilized space – empty walls. SmartWall G3 and its system of integrated wall tracks offer the flexibility to add wall shelving and wall mounted task stations where needed throughout a facility. The use of the system around and above sinks, work tables, and … Read moreMetro SmartWall G3 System

MetroMax iQ Storage System

Uniquely Justifiable… Designed with innovative polymers for longer-life product performance, easy-to-clean surfaces to promote a cleaner environment and higher level of food safety, interchangeable components for maximum flexibility, a truly unique way to improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately ROI. Interchangeability: MetroMax i and MetroMax Q, shelves, posts, and most accessories are uniquely interchangeable making … Read moreMetroMax iQ Storage System

PAC Wire Shelving: Now Offering Black Wire Shelves!

PAC wire shelving systems are an excellent alternative to higher priced brands. These top quality wire shelves are as good or better than any other wire shelf on the market with the same features and weight bearing capacity. These high quality units are so affordable because they are only produced in the most popular sizes … Read morePAC Wire Shelving: Now Offering Black Wire Shelves!