Cannabis Drying Racks and Secure Storage

Open wire shelving designs have some advantages for cannabis processing and harvesting. Hanging, drying, and storing benefit from easy access with a steady flow of air that maintains temperature and humidity. Likewise, mobility, security, and organization occur easily through the handling and trimming process.

Dry Cannabis Faster with More Reliable Yields

Wire cannabis shelving curbs air turbulence and promotes laminar airflow. Smooth airflow promotes faster and more symmetrical drying with predictable yields. Uninhibited airflows distribute air more evenly with less variation in humidity and more even thermal gradients.

Super Erecta shelving is often favored for its ability to adapt as needed. Adjustable shelves, modular add-ons, and unlimited configuration options allow for tray, bin, or bulk material storage.

Why Choose Stainless Steel for Medical Cannabis Grows?

Some facilities make the mistake of opting for chrome wire shelving as an economical alternative to stainless steel. Chrome should only be deployed in dry, low humidity environments — the polar opposite conditions required for cannabis cultivation. Chrome shelving will rust, shed particulates, and corrode when exposed to climates and chemical agents found in medical cannabis grows.

Polished 304 stainless steel is an industry standard for wet, cold, and humid environments. Unlike chrome, Metro stainless steel is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for food-safe applications. Cannabis growers will soon face exacting sanitation demands as regulatory oversight increases, therefore opting for NSF shelving prevents a new purchase from becoming obsolete.

Advantages of Polymer & Epoxy Wire Shelving Storage

Cannabis growers face uphill challenges over traditional products designed for human consumption. Cannabis processing is hands-on, which increases the likeliness that common racks and storage units harbor human-borne pathogens and microbes. Evidence supports complications and even death amongst immunocompromised patients subjected to contaminated cannabis. Cannabis environments provide the perfect climate for rapid growth of bacteria and fungus, with far fewer barriers of introduction from human carriers. Storage systems present the perfect vector for transfer of contamination amongst multiple harvests and multi-facility operations.

Work Cleaner with Fewer Contamination Risks

Preventing the spread of mold, powdery mildew, and insects requires storage that won’t promote or retain bacterial or fungal colonies. Polymer shelving is often deployed in healthcare environments where easy cleaning is paramount. Polymer racks provide the same NSF and corrosion resistant properties as stainless steel wire shelving. Tiered racks and surfaces allow cleaner and more orderly production. Fewer cracks and crevices allow faster removal of resins, organic material, microbes, molds, and yeasts. Faster cleaning allows more thorough and frequent sanitization. Advanced polymer coatings resist aggressive cleaning chemicals, moisture, heat, light, and humidity.

Prevent Pilferage with Secure Storage for Cannabis Products

Employee theft accounts for roughly 90% of financial and product losses in the marijuana industry. Secured carts reduce the overall burden of securing merchandise on a daily basis, and also reduce the amount of unsecured product during storage and packaging. Thieves seek easy targets. If insiders know that products are locked down as they leave a grow room, opportunistic theft is less likely. Because cannabis is such as light-weight material, just a couple of hands and a large bag could grab ten-of-thousands of dollars of product within a matter of seconds. 

Secured cannabis carts are the perfect way to store cannabis in bulk with the option for casters and mobile transport. For dry or retail areas, chrome is an an economical option at a lower cost point than stainless steel.

Processing Tables and Trim Stations

Harvesting, hand trimming, and packaging produce significant plant debris, kief, resin, and other byproducts. Cracks and crevices harbor residual organic matter, which in warm and most environments promote bacterial and microbe colonies. Biofilms created by residual resins and extractables increase microbe retention and require more aggressive surface cleaning. If a surface is contaminated with mites or mildew, it could contaminate each new harvest or batch passed through the workstation.

Stainless steel allows and extremely clean wipe down without the worry of corrosion from disinfectants or chemical solvents. Isopropyl alcohol is an ideal solution for both disinfection and removal of oily or sticky substances. 

Shop Wire Shelving for Trimming, Drying and Hanging

Wire shelving is an adaptable solution for drying buds on trays or hanging full plants. The mobility and adjustability of these systems is generally the reason why they’ve become so popular for cannabis growers. Each shelf is removable and interchangeable with other shelves so that your storage adapts alongside your changing production needs. Because every shelf is adjustable in one-inch increments, storage density is configured as needed.

Customize for Your Needs

Production Automation (that’s us) is a Gold-Seal manufacturer’s representative for Metro shelving products. For help with custom carts, shelving, or equipment, contact one of our Metro sales specialists. Each business day they are available by phone, email, or online to answer questions or provide quotes.

Super Erecta Wire Shelves

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We help licensed cannabis facilities produce clean yields faster with biomedical-grade contamination control and manufacturing products. Our modular cannabis grow rooms are a golden standard of temperature and humidity control.

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