Staticworx ESD Flooring Installation Guide

Dissipative flooring protects sensitive electronics and communication systems from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Dissipative carpet tiles reduce the build-up of triboelectric charges caused by friction when operators interact with items, move across the floor, or get up from their seat.

In this guide, you’ll learn about various installation methods, find detailed instructions, and also learn where you can buy the materials you’ll need for installation at your facility. The type of installation you choose requires consideration for the environment and subflooring within your facility.

Find Detailed ESD Flooring Installation Instructions

Option #1: Adhesive installation

Adhesive based flooring is often economical for large floor footprints. Installation is ideal when the subflooring surface is hard, moisture-free, and easily resurfaced if the flooring were to require removal.

Staticworx developed GroundTack pressure sensitive adhesive to replace wet set adhesives. Unlike wet set epoxies and conductive one part acrylic emulsions, Groundtack is allowed to dry completely before tiles are installed. No more seepage or messy installations. Each tile is produced with a tight tolerance — you won’t see any adhesive in the seams. The best part: you can install GroundTack™ in occupied spaces without interrupting work. The product is odorless and certified for emissions by FloorScore. The result is a strong, flexible, long lasting bond with uncompromising conductive properties.

Adhesive Installation Supplies

GroundTack Adhesive

GroundTack™ is a high-quality acrylic emulsion that combines the performance of a pressure sensitive adhesive with the conductive properties of proprietary Thunderon Matrix technology to create a flexible electrical ground plane beneath static control floor tiles. GroundTack™ gives a complete adhesive performance with lifetime conductive capabilities. 

Copper Strip Grounding

Copper strips need to be installed at a frequency of 1 copper strip for every 1000 sq. ft. of floor space (generally one strip of copper tape per room). At least 2 inches of copper strip should contact a GroundBridge strip (or your conductive subfloor). The copper tape has a self-adhesive backing to hold it in place.

Option #2: Glue Free Flooring Installation

Glue-free installations prevent fumes and VOCs when proper ventilation or extended downtime is not feasible. An installation is anytime, anywhere—no need to relocate employees near the installation or to install flooring during odd hours. The subfloor is left clean and uncompromised.

Glue-less installs compare to a floating rug surface that won’t slide or slip. This is ideal when a building is leased or rented so that when removed the subfloor will not be damaged or disturbed.

TacTiles Installation Pads

Tactiles create a strong bond that locks carpet tiles together along a horizontal plane, but allows for a quick vertical release by pulling up on a single tile. A misplaced, worn, or damaged tile is an easy fix.

TacTiles connect ShadowFX Carpet Tiles at their corners, to create a floating floor. Simply position and stick.

GroundBridge Glueless Conductive Cellulose

GroundBridge forms a uniform ground plane over any non-conductive floor. It’s a thin, lightweight material composed of conductive cellulose.

Available in 12" rolls, GroundBridge is rolled out over your existing floor in a stripe pattern with the strips spaced 36" apart (48" on center). Quick, no mess, and ESD safe.

ShadowFx Carpet Tiles

ShadowFX™ is the industry’s first anti-static carpet tile that provides permanent protection against ESD damage and meets the latest grounding requirements set by ANSI, FAA, Motorola, ATIS, and NFPA.
Staticworx has introduced ShadowFX SDC™ Static Dissipative Carpet, the first anti-static carpet tile that meets the latest safety requirements and still eliminates the risk of ESD damage to electronic equipment.

Option #3: Glue-Free: Bare Metal Raised Access Floors

Bare steel access floors provide a structurally grounded platform. Installation of ESD carpet tiles doesn’t require additional measures for grounding the floor to the sub frame. When Staticworx ESD carpet tiles contact grounded metal surfaces, the bottom layer allows 100% static dissipation. The temporary flooring achieves the same standards as dedicated flooring systems.

Because each tile is independently installed, maintenance and repair beneath the subflooring doesn’t require invasive measures. Access is quick on an as-needed basis, whether for a specific panel, or an entire room.

No goop, no mess, no odors, and no irritating fumes. Simply stick tiles to the installation pad to join adjacent tiles together at the corners to form a secure hold. Because the underside of the carpet tiles stick to the installation pad and not to the subfloor, a floating floor is created that won’t slip or slide. The subfloor remains clean and uncompromised.

ESD Carpet Tiles

ShadowFX™ is ideal for mission-critical, enduser environments – such as networked offices, call and dispatch centers, flight towers, and control rooms – that need to provide controlled dissipation and avoid liability exposure. It also out-performs many hard-surface options like ESD epoxy and ESD vinyl for ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD-Protected Areas (EPAs) in the electronics industry.

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Why Do We Recommend Staticworx ESD Flooring?

Production Automation (PAC) is recognized as a customer-forward organization by enterprises across the US and Latin America. That’s because we directly support each of our 30,000+ products from its original invoice to final delivery, including on-site satisfaction, returns, and warranties. 

We partner with Staticworx because its flooring solutions are field tested with active installations across thousands of facilities. It’s engineering teams design flooring systems with dimensional stability in mind so your floor won’t cup or curl under heavy foot traffic. Every system meets or exceeds ANSI & ESDA standards.

No facility is one-in-the-same. Demand grows continually for a greater degree of style choices that match company aesthetics. The Shadow Fx line lends hundreds of vibrant and traditional styles, patterns, and color choices.

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