Cleanroom Wipe Comparison – Woven Wipes and Absorbency – Pricing & Availability

Cleanroom Wipe Comparison - Absorbency and Fabric Construction

Differing package sizes, bulk counts, edge types, material options, cloth size, weights, ISO class, substrates, ionic levels…comparing cleanroom wipes is mind numbing. 50% of leading cleanroom wipe advertisers don’t even offer prices online!

We can understand why a customer might stick with their previous supplier even if they know they are not getting the best price. Making an educated purchase that is on budget should be simple and headache-free.

Key Points of Comparison


Wipe absorbency can be expressed as intrinsic, i.e. calculated on a weight basis (ml/g), or extrinsic, calculated on an area basis (ml/m2). Intrinsic sorbency is sometimes referred to as efficiency and is a reflection of how well a wipe adsorbs or absorbs. Extrinsic sorbency is also referred to as capacity, or the total volume of liquid that can be held by the wipe.

Basis Weight

Usually reported in the format g/m2, knowing a wipe’s basis weight is important as it then allows other measurements to be expressed in units of either weight or area. The determination of basis weight is straightforward and should be comparable between different datasheets and test houses.

Fabric Blend

100% pure polyesters excel for ultra-clean spaces. Each wipe is lot traceable, low in fiber particles, and cleanroom bagged and packaged. Polyester and cellulose blends (polycellulose) excel as an economical, but also clean-forward disposable wipe for spill cleanup, and liquid removal. 

Edge Construction

Woven wipers have either ultrasonic, laser cut, or heat pressed edges in varying border widths. These traits are commonly labeled “thermally” or “border sealed” edges thermally melded. For polycellulose wipers, a knife cut edge is most common. 

Double Knit Cleanroom Wipes

Double Knit Overview

  • Feels heavy and firm 
  • Minimal stretch; soft but stable
  • Cross-hatched texture increases surface area 
  • Captures more particles than traditional polyester knit wipes
  • Good shape retention; no edge curl.
CC Seamwork Magazine

CleanPro® Double Knit Pro

The Double Knit Pro 1 features the an ultra durable laser sealed edge.  

Double Knit Pro 1

100% Double Knit Polyester w/ Ultrasonic Seal
Case of 1500
  • Used in ISO Class 4+ (Fed. Class 10) Cleanrooms
  • Best-in-Class Ultrasonic Sealed Edge
  • Allows for Ultra-low Particulate and NVR Levels

The Double Knit Pro 10 is both precise and clean, but also economical. Its laser sealed edge enhances accuracy and consistency of the edge with minimal particulate. 

Double Knit Pro 10

100% Double Knit Polyester w/ Laser Seal
$ 187
Case of 1500
  • ISO Class 4-5 (Fed. Class 100 - 1000)
  • Thermally Sealed Laser Border Edge
  • 100% Polyester Continuous Filament
  • Very Low Particulate and NVR Levels

CleanPro® Tech-Cloth

The Tech-Cloth Pro is a treated and processed polycellulose wipe for spill and liquid control. Its soft texture and low particle counts aid many cleaning solutions. It is autoclavable for lab and bio-science use and is great for solvents or spill cleanup within cleanroom buffer or ante areas. 

Tech-Cloth PRO Hydroentangled

Hydroentangled 45% Polyester / 55% Cellulose
$ 138
Case of 1500
  • ISO Class 6+ Ready (Fed. Class 1000)
  • Substrate & Processed for Liquid Removal
  • Exhibits Lower Particle & Fiber Release

The Tech-Cloth Pro Heavy Duty is a treated and processed wipe for spill and liquid control.

Tech-Cloth substrate processing extends absorbency while maintaining lower particle & fiber counts than other comparable products. Hydroentangled cleanroom wipes of 45% polyester / 55% cellulose are both economical and clean-forward. The benefit is a strong, highly absorbent fabric for liquid removal within sensitive areas.

Tech-Cloth PRO Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Hydroentangled 45% Polyester / 55% Cellulose
$ 108
Case of 3000
  • ISO Class 6+ Ready (Fed. Class 1000)
  • 68 Gram Hydroentangled Heavy Duty Wiper
  • Strong, Clean, & Absorbent Wipe

Tested and Proven Cleanroom Wipes for Critical Applications

Every CleanPro® lot is stringently tested for NVR, ion contamination, absorbency, particle count and extractables during quality control. Testing methods include FTIR, IC, APC and LPC. A world class EDI water system provides semiconductor grade water supply filtered to 0.1 micron with an oil free air supply. The manufacturing process is continuously monitored for essential trace-ability and lot to lot tracking.

Looking for Sterile Cleanroom Wipes?

Need sterile wipes? CleanPro offers many additional wipe sizes and features upon request. Wide sealed border edges, sterile gamma irradiated wipes, and 4″ – 12″ sizes are available

Equal Performance, If Not Better

CleanPro offers nearly identical absorption and fabric weights, among industry standard benchmarks for particles and extractables

Why Compare to CleanPro®?

CleanPro provides minimalist cleanroom wipers and garments that get the job done at a fraction of the cost. Why should finding the right wipe for your application be so hard?

Making Shopping for Critical Class Products Easier

The PAC online store is designed to make finding products by application easier. Filter your size, materialbrand, or ISO classification in the sidebar and get the right wipe for your application. You’ll find spec sheets conveniently placed for assured compliance.

Get Help from a Real Human Being

For further help or bulk pricing questions, you don’t need to fill out a quote. Call or chat with us online every business day, all day. No teleprompts, no automated messages, just a real human being.

Production Automation (that’s us) offers one point of contact for thousands of cleanroom rated products, fixtures, and equipment. 

CleanPro® is a product line curated by our in-house engineers specifically for cleanroom use. We help you validate each item for a specific ISO classification and compliance. Our cleanroom experts can guide you to one of our standard solutions, or provide you with a free quote for a custom fix.


Comparing cleanroom wipes is not an exact science. While cleanliness testing may highlight performance benefits, there is no scientifically validated correlation between key test metrics and specific use or ISO classification. Every cleanroom and application is different. Consulting a cleanroom specialist is in the better interest of organizations seeking exacting compliance. This post serves as a general comparison guide and summary. At time of publication, the information is in good faith, critically reviewed, and accords to the most current information available. Production Automation Corporation (PAC) makes no claims as to the final interpretations or specifications of wipe cleanliness and classification from 3rd parties or regulatory organizations such as the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), State Boards of Pharmacy and / or the FDA. 

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