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What makes MAPA gloves popular on the manufacturing floor? We tested the full range of MAPA gloves for form, fit and function and highlight our favorites from each category. You’ll find that each glove caters to demanding and abrasive, hot and cold, or ultra-clean manufacturing conditions. Notably, the ergonomic and form fit of ensure that an operator maintains dexterity, grip, and free range movement.

Functional Freedom

MAPA’s mission is compliance, safety, and usability for both chaotic and controlled procedures. Flexibility, sturdiness, grip, protection, and comfort requires application specific design. Microorganisms, vibration, thermal hazards, and chemicals no longer hinder production when donning MAPA gloves. General manufacturing use or critical cleanroom environments alike, MAPA delivers the features you’d expect from a product line over 50 years in the making.

  • Superior chemical resistance against acids and alkalis, such as concentrated hydrofluoric acid, oils, and greases, due to its 100% neoprene multi-layer construction
  • Pebbled embossing, for better grip on wet and slippery objects
  • Excellent mechanical resistance and longer service life, due to the textile support and the thickness of the glove
  • Thermal insulation from the cotton-knit lining for handling hot liquids


ChemZoil Knit Lined

What's a Fit Without Form?

Industrial and cleanroom manufacturers need disposable and reusable gloves with critical performance thresholds. MAPA caters to high-end chemical, cold, heat and cut resistant requirements. Advanced manufacturing techniques combine vinyl, natural latex, nitrile, neoprene, and proprietary ‘tripolymers’ to prevent cuts, leeching, microbial growth, and odors.

MAPA cleanroom gloves resist chemical with a natural latex, neoprene and nitrile formula. An extra clean manufacturing process guarantees a low level of contaminants, particles, residues, and extractables. prevent particle and bio contaminants from extraneous contamination 

Trionic 20 Mil Tri-Polymer

MAPA Gloves: They Just Fit.

Pre-formed molds and subtle surface changes allow bending and flexing for delicate hand movement. Instead of folding and buckling, glove curvatures comply naturally and fit right out of the box. Preformed glove tips, anti-deglove bands, tactile rubbers, and proprietary surface features expand grip, improve responsiveness, and yield long lasting comfort.

MAPA Nitrile Gloves

  • Suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals
  • Good compromise between thickness, suppleness and resistance
  • Chlorinated for a better donning
  • Pebbled on fingertips for a good grip
Solo Green 4 Mil Nitrile Chemical Resistant

MAPA Heat & Thermal Gloves

  • Ceramic and plastics industry
  • Handling of composite materials after heat processing
  • Handling of moulds in the ceramic industry
  • Handling of hot steel after welding
  • Handling of hot piping
  • Construction Industry (Heating engineers/Plumbers)
  • Maintaining pipes, heating equipment
Temp-Dex Acrylic Lined Thermal Protection Gloves

MAPA Cold Temp Gloves

  • Coating 5 times more durable than standard gloves on the market
  • Excellent grip when handling wet parts
  • Stay dry when working in wet conditions
  • Washable performances guaranteed after 5 cleaning cycles
Temp-Ice Double-Lined Knit Cold Protection Gloves
Temp-Ice Double-Lined Knit Cold Protection Gloves

MAPA Gloves for Manufacturing and Critical Processes

General manufacturing use or critical cleanroom environments alike, MAPA delivers the features you’d expect from a product line over 50 years in the making.

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