New: Perfex Cleanroom Mop & Disinfection Systems

Cleanroom mop systems are one of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining ISO class or cGMP cleanliness levels. Cleanroom mops feature design and materials that provide an economical, easier, and more consistent cleaning procedure which leaves the least possible amount of residual contaminants.

Maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in critically controlled environments is extremely difficult. It is even more difficult when an assortment of maintenance tools are utilized. Standard operating procedures become unnecessarily complex and difficult to meet. Cleaning becomes cumbersome, and results are unreliable.

The Perfex TruCLEAN Pro is designed and engineered to be easy-to-use and maintain; delivering the cleaning performance you expect, but not achieved by using old-style buckets, wringers, string and sponge mops.

Reapplying dirty water to a surface is never optional in a cleanroom, but is unavoidable with a single bucket mop system. Multi-bucket cleanroom mop systems provide a dedicated bucket for sanitation, clean rinse, and dirty rinse. One bucket provides a clean disinfectant, one a rinse disinfectant, and the last server as a waste bucket. Starting with the cleanest possible water is essential, opt for either distilled or ionized.

Perfex mop frames maneuver onto floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards more efficiently than string mops. Clean faster with more particulate control.

TruCLEAN and TruCLEAN 2 deluxe disinfection systems provide a simple and efficient mopping system in a compact design for easy storage.

Perfex mop frames maneuver onto floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards more efficiently than string mops. Clean faster with more particulate control.

Designed specifically for use in cleanroom environments, TruCLEAN mops heads are ideal for cleanroom floors, walls and ceilings.

Mop covers provide an unprecedented level of quality assurance and cleaning for particulate control or wiping protocols.

Perfex high-temperature resistant polypropylene buckets feature a non-porous, super smooth surface that prevents microbial growth.

These exceptionally durable handles optimize working posture while improving cleaning efficiency, remove bacteria, liquids or odors.

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Production Automation (PAC) helps industrial, government, and enterprise customers target a specific cleanroom classification or isolate an operation to keep it cleaner.

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Mitch Walleser

Mitch Walleser

Mitch works with manufacturing engineers and product specialists to examine new technology and products. His background includes 3D printing, electronics and cleanroom manufacturing. Stay up to date with new insights on automated production solutions by following on Twitter. @Go_to_PAC

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