Quantum Totes, Bins, Containers, and Accessories: – Free Shipping

Quantum Totes, Bins, Containers, and Accessories: – Free Shipping

Production Automation now offers an in-depth selection of Quantum totes, bins, containers, and accessories.

GoToPac is the only website online with free shipping on Quantum commercial and industrial storage. Because totes and containers ship by volume, and not weight, most online retailers add an expensive surcharge on shipping costs depending on location and cubic volume. Why wait until you’ve finished shopping just to abandon your shopping cart after you discover hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. Just one attached top container could cost $32 – $42 each for shipping — we calculated the shipping costs for popular items such as Quantum Hulk Bins, Attached Top Containers, and Hang & Stack Bins — see the chart for itemized savings with free shipping

All Quantum Products Ship Free from PAC
Don’t Pay a Dime for Shipping on Quantum Shelves, Racks, Bins, Containers, and Totes Anywhere in The Lower 48.

Find all of Quantum’s signature storage products, including:

Stack & Hang
Stackable Shelf Bins
Bin Shelves
Bin Carts
Divider Grid Containers
Attached Top Totes
Straight Wall Totes 
Totes & Tubs

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