New product spotlight: Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Soldering System and FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station

We can all agree that having the right tools makes your job a whole lot easier. Today we are going to focus on two of the newest products from Hakko. The FX-100 Induction Heat Solder Station and the FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station. Both feature new technology that improve the

Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Soldering System

Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Solder System
Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Solder System

The next generation of soldering station that uses induction heat technology. How does induction heat soldering work? The tip serves as a conductor within a magnetic field, develops an electric current and heats up. This process produces a fast localized heat using less energy than other soldering stations. Other advantages of this system are temperature control, loss oxidation, clean precise controlled joint creation, and conservation of basic covering materials.

The FX-100 is a small, compact 85W station with microprocessor control that boots tips recovery performance. Its advanced system design optimizes performance by reducing the loss of power, while maintaining the lowers EMI levels. This station is ideal for work with sensitive devices for the medical and aerospace markets. No calibration is required, just plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to go.

Features include:

  • The power activity display provides constant dynamic feedback to the operator about the thermal load on the tip.
  • Password lockout prevents system setup changes by unauthorized personnel.
  • Sleep function reduces the tip temperature, preserving tip life and reducing oxidation when the station is not in use. As an added safety function, the auto-shut off feature, shuts the station off when it is left on for an extended amount of time.
  • A large, clear backlit display for easy operation.
  • User programmable profiles for tip and solder selection.
  • The activity monitor provides cumulative data on tip heater loads and tip running time, which aids in process control and operating costs.
  • The slender, lightweight and ergonomic handpiece allows for excellent operator dexterity along with a burn resistant cord for durability.
  • This station meets or exceeds requirements under IPC J-STD-001, ANSDI ESD S20.20 and older MIL-STDs.

Click here to learn more about or purchase the FX-100 induction heat soldering station.

Hakko FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station

Hakko FR-810  Hot Air Rework Station
Hakko FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station

This new 790W station offers significant improvement over the other previous Hakko stations and is setting a new bar for convective rework. The biggest change in the design is the powerful turbine air source that provides up to 115L/min of airflow across the heater and on to your assemble. The heating element has also been redesigned to eliminate the quartz glass insulator tube, which could easily break if dropped or hit in older model stations. Thus making the station more durable to wear and tear.

Another design change is the incorporation of digital airflow control. Old ball flow meters are obsolete when using this station. Just select the air flow settings using the digital controls. Add in the more precise control of the turbine and you get a more consistent air flow setting between stations.

Finally, the heater pipe was redesigned to accommodate the new quick change nozzles. No need to keep a screw driver handy to change out nozzles. The new nozzles just twist and lock into place, no tools needed. The new nozzles include two new diameters: 5.5mm and 7mm. You can purchase an adapter that will enable to use your old nozzles without having to repurchase any.

Features include:

  • An easy to read digital display tells you temperature and air level.
  • Start/Stop button integrated into the handpiece for ease of use.
  • Store up to 5 user programmable presets for temperature, air flow and time.
  • The new preset chain feature allows the operator to link up to 5 preset modes to run in sequence, simulating a 5-heating zone reflow profile for SMD components.
  • The built-in timer offers a more repeatable process while using the station.
  • There is a safe cool down mode for whenever the handpiece is placed in the holder, and an auto shut-off mode for added safety.
  • The password lockout feature prevents unauthorized setup changes.
  • Prevent unauthorized setup changes with the password lockout feature.
  • This station is ESD safe.

Click here to purchase or learn more about the Hakko FR-810 Hot Air Rework Station.

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