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Metro shelving prides itself on easy assembly and long lasting durability. To show you just how easy assembling a shelving unit is using split sleeves, we’ve created this two step visual guide along with some helpful tips to keep in mind with your Metro shelving.

For replacement posts, shelves, casters, shelving, or full rack unit purchasing, see here.

Metro Shelving Assembly Step #1

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Posts have grooves at 1″ intervals. The two piece plastic split sleeves have ridges that fit into these grooves.

Simply choose the desired height of the bottom shelf and snap a pair of split sleeves onto the post at your chosen height. The beveled end of the sleeves should be at the top.

Repeat for each post.

Metro Shelving Assembly Step #2

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Once you have your first set of split sleeves in place, you are ready to slide on the first (bottom shelf). Fit the corners of the shelf into the posts and slide the shelf all the way down until it is resting on the attached split sleeves, tapping the shelves with a small rubber mallet will ensure your shelf is securely placed.

Repeat for remaining split sleeves and shelves.

Assembling a Metro shelving system is really that easy! Adding a second column of shelves is even easier, Simply add split sleeves and shelves like before to two posts and use “S” hooks to attach the new shelves to the existing frame.

To create the shelving system shown below, it consists of one “starter” units (four posts, split sleeves, and shelves) and one “adder” unit (two posts, shelves, split sleeves, and “S” hooks).

Assemble the starter unit as described above. Then to add the adder unit, start like before; Add the split sleeves to the two adder posts and slide the bottom shelf onto it. Now take the “S” hooks and attach the open ends of the shelf to the ends of the secured bottom shelf of the starter unit. Repeat for all the adder unit shelves.

This unit consists of:

  • 6 Posts
  • 8 Shelves
  • 24 Split Sleeves (4 per starter unit shelf, and 2 per adder unit shelf)
  • 8 “S” Hooks (2 per “add-on” shelf)
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Important Information

  • Units over 50″ high must have at least three shelves, but preferably four or more for added stability
  • Shelving should always be placed on level, solid flooring. Leveling feet are included to help with minor adjustments.
  • The bottom shelf on the unit should always be installed as low to the ground as possible to help with unit stability.

Metro Commercial Shelving Load Ratings

  • Shelves up to 48″ long: 800lbs. per shelf
  • Shelves over 48″ long: 600lbs. per shelf
  • Stationary Standing Units: 2,000lbs. total
  • Mobile Shelving Units: 500lbs. total

Warnings & Hazards

  • Potential tipping hazard
  • Do not climb or stand on shelving
  • Place heaviest objects on the lowest shelves of the unit
  • Distribute weight on the unit evenly
  • Do not drop heavy objects onto the shelves
  • Use extreme caution when moving a loaded mobile unit

Where Can I Buy Metro Shelving, Posts, Sleeves, and Accessories?

Production Automation offers ALL products Metro offers. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or need a custom quote one of our sales staff would be more than happy to assist you. We can always be reached at 888-903-0333 or at [email protected].

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