Hakko FM-204 Desoldering Station

This is our second to last post in our Hakko free shipping promotion. Today we’ll focus on the Hakko FM-204 Desoldering Station. In electronics, “desoldering” is the removal of solder and components from a circuit for troubleshooting, for repair purposes, component replacement, and to salvage components.

The Hakko FM-204 is a self-contained desoldering station with all the soldering functionality of the FM-203 in a single port station.


  • Built in vacuum pump
  • Temperature range: 200°C – 450°C (400°F – 840°F)
  • Quick-change composite nozzles (N3 Series)
  • Gun or pencil style desoldering handpiece
  • Sleep mode functionality
  • Nozzles are not included

Note: THe FM-204 is a “Single Port” station, meaning only ONE handpiece can be used at at time. (You cannot use the soldering handpiece and desoldering handpiece at the same time.)


FM-204 Desoldering Station

  • Part Number: FM204-01
  • Power Consumption: 120W
  • Temperature Range: 200°C – 450°C (400°F – 840°F)
  • Temperature Stability: ±5°C (±9°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±15°C (±27°F)
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Outer Dimensions: 6.3″ x 4.7″ x 8.9″ (160mm x 120mm x 225mm)
  • Weight (w/o Cord): 8.1lbs. (3.7kg)
  • Vacuum Generator: Vacuum pump, double cylinder
  • Vacuum Pressure (Max.): 80 kpa (600mm Hg) (24in. Hg)
  • Suction Flow: 15 liters/min.

FM-2024 Desoldering Tool

  • Power Consumption: 70W (24V)
  • Temperature Range: 350°C – 450°C (660°F – 840°F)
  • Tip-To-Ground Resistance: <2 ohms
  • Tip-To-Ground Potential: <2 mV
  • Cord Length: 47in. (1.2m)
  • Total Length (w/o Cord): 7″ (180mm)
  • Weight (w/o Cord): 2.3oz. (65g)

All Contents for the FM-204-01

  • (1) FM-204 Solder Station
  • (1) FM-2024-02 Desoldering Handpiece
  • (1) A1511 Filter Pipe Assembly (10 piece pack)
  • (1) B2972 Control Card
  • (1) B2419 Power Cord
  • (1) B3253 Connecting Cable
  • (1) FH200-05 Iron Holder w/ Sleep Function
  • (1) 599B Tip Cleaner
  • (1) B8272 Handle for Gun Configuration
  • (1) B2873 Cleaning Drill for Heating Element
  • (1) B2876 Nozzle Remover
  • (1) B2300 Heat Resistant Pad
  • (1) A1514 Ceramic Paper Filter (10 piece pack)
  • (1) Instructional Manual

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