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Production Automation has recently added Rubbermaid Commercial products to our website, and we are very excited about it, Rubbermaid is an easily recognizable name by both home and industrial users and is associated with high quality and reliability.

What people might not know about Rubbermaid though, is that they are committed to sustainability, ethical standards, and the environment. Production Automation admires Rubbermaid’s efforts and we would like to share with your their operations and ideals.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) & Sustainable Operations

Rubbermaid products are only part of the sustainability story. RCP is conscious of its impact on the environment as a result of its manufacturing, distribution & transportation, sourcing, and office operations. Accordingly, RCP has taken great care to integrate more environmentally responsible processes into its operations.

Worker Well-Being & Ethical Standards

RCP is committed to upholding the highest ethical standard in the way it does business. From living these values, to providing ethics and leadership training,, to providing access to a safe work environment and affordable healthcare, RCP is committed to doing things right, and to doing the right thing.

RCP is committed to continuing to learn and act as better stewards of the environment. Rubbermaid Commercial  Products has dedicated themselves to creating more products that support sustainability. RCP has further invested in better processes and technology that have a lower environmental impact than that which was previously in place. Perhaps most importantly, RCP has dedicated itself to sharing the knowledge they amass in these areas with end-users so that they can further their sustainability initiatives.

RCP Has Made A Real And Significant Commitment To Clean, Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Approximately 80% of RCP’s products are made in the U.S.A. – in full compliance with clean air and water regulations – which means RCP products travel less distance, thus consuming fewer resources to get to you.
  • RCP mandates zero heavy metals in colorant; heavy metals are commonly added to plastic colorant to make the colors vibrant and fade resistant, but become a pollutant when they leach into the environment. RCP DOES NOT purchase colorants that contain heavy metals.
  • Zero factory emissions and all products made in the U.S.A.
  • Zero acid rain contribution from factory
  • Highly energy efficient equipment
  • Closed loop hydraulic fluid recovery
  • Active conversion from truck to train product transport
  • Active materials recovering and recycling programs: RCP measures, creates targets, and increases the amount they reduce/reuse/recycle.
  • 100% of nonconforming product is reground and reused
  • 4,000,000+ hours without a lost time accident!
  • Active environmental management systems in force

Rubbermaid Commercial Products works continuously to get more out of less material and resources, and to minimize waste.


RCP maintains a 12,000 gallon closed loop water system that they use for cooling molds in their manufacturing processes. This system filters, introduces additives when necessary, and reuses the water.

further, RCP tests its water every six months to ensure they are not emitting anything harmful.

Hydraulic Oil

RCP collects, reprocesses, and regenerate 60,000 gallons of their hydraulic oil per year. Oil that we are unable to reclaim is sent through nationally know handlers who have the ability reprocess it into usable fuel.

RCP’s non-salvageable oily waste is soaked up with pellets that are then impregnated with an anaerobic microbe that eats the oil in nearly any condition.

Reground Plastics

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is committed to reducing waste. That is why they collect, regrind, and reuse plastic scrap. This has helped RCP reduce plastic waste by 98% over the past four years.

Office Recycling Program

RCP supports a robust plant/office recycling program that addresses office waste, corrugated cardboard,  plastic, stretch wrap, pallet/wood, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol cans, batteries, computers, and cell phones.


RCP uses high-effciency light fixtures and bulbs.

Careful consideration is given to energy efficiency when purchasing new machinery, and is always looking for ways to make existing machinery more energy efficient.

RCP owns and operates its own power sub-station, and covers the maintenance, thus mitigating the burden on city utilities.

Smarter Sourcing

Rubbermaid Commercial Products greatly depends on its sourcing department to search the world over to find the best resources that will meet our stringent quality standards. RCP is committed to finding reliable sources of materials that are extracted and refined in a responsible manner. In the past year alone RCP has realized significant increases in the amount of recycled resin, steel, aluminum, and corrugate they use in their products.

Making RCP Packaging More Sustainable

RCP works to make its packaging more sustainable. In realizing that packaging plays an important, albeit brief, role in a product’s life cycle, RCP has sought out ways to do more with less. RCP has reduced the amount of packaging used without affecting the intended purpose of packaging – to protect and draw attention to the product. In particular, we continue to work with our packaging suppliers to reduce packaging components that could be harmful to the environment, while increasing the amount of recycled and recyclable materials used, and better utilizing cube space in the transport of RCP products.

Making RCP Distribution More Sustainable

RCP works to realize efficiencies within their distribution systems. RCP eliminates less-than truckloads wherever possible, reallocating to full truck loads, and optimize miles per gallon by utilizing intermodal (rail) transportation.


Now we know that not only does Rubbermaid make high quality, durable products; they are making them in a responsible manner with thought given to the environment, their community, and their employees.

Production Automation carries a wide variety of Rubbermaid Commercial Products on our website, click this link to start shopping: SHOP RUBBERMAID PRODUCTS. Always remember, if you don’t see what you are looking for online, contact us! We can be reached by phone at 888-903-0333 or by email at [email protected] Production Automation offers many products not shown our website. We will work hard to find you the right supplies, materials, or product to get the job done.

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