Brady ToughStripe Floor Tape

ToughStripe Floor Marking: The Most Durable Floor Marking Tape

ToughStripe Floor Marking tape is test-proven to withstand forklift traffic better than any other tape-based floor marking products.

That means less tearing, less lifting, and less time that you need to spend re-applying your floor tape.

If that’s not reason enough to ditch your old floor tape, watch the video below to see:

  • ToughStripe withstanding multiple forklift tire spins
  • ToughStripe withstanding a 1,850 lb. pallet
  • How easy it is to apply smooth, straight lines

Superior durability. Easy application. High Visibility.

  • Low-profile design minimizes tears and scratches from skids, pallet jacks, ect.
  • Stiff polyester with liner prevents tape stretching and reduces wrinkles and wavy, uneven lines.
  • High-gloss surface shines like new paint
  • Does not chip and flake when being removed – comes off in one piece.

All ToughStripe Floor Marking Products:

Floor Tape: Available in 2″, 3″, and 4″ widths in a variety of colors.

Die-Cut Shapes: Available in dashes, dots, arrows, footprints, ajd corner marks (“L”s, “T”s, and Crosses).

Floor Signs with Anti-Skid: 17″ floor safety signs made with durable ToughStripe tape and anti-slip material.

Pre-Spaced Shapes: Shapes are spaced 18″ apart on clear transfer tape, making laying down straight evenly spaced lines fast and easy.

Printable Floor Labels for GlobalMark 2 Printers: Print custom floor labels up to 4″ wide on ToughStripe tape using a GlobalMark 2 Sign and Label Printer.

Printable Floor Labels for BMP 71 Printer: Print custom floor labels up to 2″ wide on ToughStripe tape using a BMP 71 Portable Printer.

Use ToughStripe Floor Marking products to mark:

  • Aisleways and traffic lanes
  • Work cell outlines
  • Equipment storage areas
  • Material storage areas
  • QA inspection areas
  • Defects/scrap/rework areas
  • “Keep Clear” zones
  • Hazard areas

Click on any of the links above to start browsing Brady ToughStripe products.
If you don’t see what you are looking for contact Production Automation at [email protected] or by phone at 888-903-0333, we are an official Brady Distributor and can quote and sell ALL Brady products!

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Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows

Mel Meadows is a product specialist with over 13 years of experience. She’s a central source of expertise for thousands of industrial and critical-class products featured on the Production Automation web store. By working directly with manufacturers, Mel deciphers technical documentation and outlines product use in real-world environments. View her profile to learn more about proper techniques, protocol, and product usage in both industrial and cleanroom facilities.

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