Production Automation Industrial Facilities Catalog

Just this year Production Automation has started offering a printed catalog filled with products we offer but do not have on our website, but as of this week all of that has changed!

Just in time for the new year we are thrilled to share with you our new Industrial Facilities online shop, which can be found here:

It is exactly the same as our printed catalog, so much so you can even search for products by catalog page number!

We are now offering products such as fork lifts, conveyors, lift magnets, lockers and lots more. All the things you need to start, maintain, or expand an industrial workplace.

This industrial site is totally separate from our current site, but the orders from it still come directly to us and comes with the same security as our main site.

Check out the Industrial Facilities catalog today! We feel confident in the quality of the products found there, and we hope to make our product selection expansion successful!

Have questions? email us anytime at [email protected]