Kanomax Air Flow and Particle Counter Testing Equipment for Cleanrooms


Updated 7/25/17

Ever increasing public awareness for air quality is driving the demand for improved monitoring and control of air temperature, humidity, flow, and particulates.

Kanomax produces a number of Air Measurement and Control Instruments currently utilized by industry professionals. These devices are vital tools for maintaining Constant Air Quality and Comfort in critical locations that include public and private offices, factories, and medical facilities.


What is an Air Flow Meter?
An air flow meter is a device used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of liquids or gases.

Choosing an Air Flow Meter:
When choosing an air flow meter, you should consider factors such as plant personnel and their experience with device calibration and maintenance, availability of spare parts, and the mean time between failure history at the plant site. It is suggested companies hold off on figuring installation costs until all these factors have been considered, a common mistake is choosing an air flow meter based solely on price and not proper performance in the intended application. The basis of good flow meter selection is a clear understanding of the application it will be used for.

1550-KAN-2TWhat is an Air Flow Monitor?

An airflow monitor is designed to indicate the loss of air movement of a fan or filter fan. The contact detects the loss of air movement caused by fan failure or blocked filter media regardless of the direction of air.

Choosing an Air Flow Monitor:
When choosing between air flow monitors the primary consideration is how many locations you need to monitor. The options Kanomax offers start with the Anemomaster 1570 with four-channel capability. The 1560 has 6 channels and the 1550 supports sixteen. Once you select the main controller unit, you then select the appropriate modules to go with them. A “V” module measures air velocity, a “VT” module adds temperature monitoring and the VTH module add humidity monitoring.


What is a Particle Counter?

A particle counter is a monitoring device that counts the amount of particulate contamination in the air, liquid, or surface being tested. Particulates can be any type of biological contaminants, such as mold, dust, ash, or oil. The information particle counters gather is invaluable to professionals in the pharmaceutical, electronic, and food safety industries.

Types of Particle Counters:

  • Handheld: These models are easily transported and can take samples just about anywhere, they are usually the most basic type of particle counter.
  • PortablePortable laser counters are larger, heavier, and contain more features than hand-held counters. Portable counters can be easily transferred from location to location.

Production Automation also carries Kanomax Climomaster Series Handheld Meters. Climomasters can measure Air Flow, Temperature and Humidity and are available with a differential pressure option.

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