A Compact Review of Weller’s WT Soldering System

According to Weller, the WT soldering stations represent the world’s first soldering system with replaceable, passive, high-performance soldering tips.

Weller WX Series Soldering Stations

The name Weller has long stood for innovative solutions in soldering. Now, Weller has achieved yet another milestone with the new WX Series control units. The WX Series is an innovation that Weller owes in great part to their users. Many of its features grew from customer suggestions and ideas complied by their customer service... Continue Reading →

Weller Tip Recycling Program

Weller has launched a reycling program for used, worn out tips. By recycling the copper and iron from used tips, we can make a real contribution towards helping the environment and preserving its natural resources. Weller wants you to collect your worn out soldering tips, all types from all manufacturers, send them to Weller and they will arrange... Continue Reading →

Weller Releases New WD1002T Solder Station

Weller's industry leading WD1002 Soldering Station just got better - Introducing the WD1002T. The Weller WD1002T Soldering Station will extend tip life during lead-free applications. Soldering at its best! New from Weller the WD1002T is a microprocessor controlled soldering station which is ideally suited for use in repair and laboratory environments as well as for... Continue Reading →

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