Are Automatic Shoe Cover and Medical Bootie Dispensers and Removers Worth the Cost?

High-traffic cleanrooms use tightly controlled procedures with repeatable processes to maximize the passage of people in and out of sanitary environments. Cleanroom facilities of all sizes find advantages in using automatic shoe cover removers and dispensers to improve adherence to procedure, maximize throughput, cleanliness, and safety. The result is cost savings of up to $250+... Continue Reading →

Superior Uniform Group

We are pleased to have recently added Superior Uniform Group's Worklon® series garments to our website, which are now available for purchase. Worklon® provides a comprehensive line of apparel for cleanrooms, controlled environments and ESD sensitive areas.  Markets served include Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Semi-conductor and Food Processing. Worklon® manufactures cleanroom and controlled environment apparel and accessories... Continue Reading →

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