Switchboard Anti-Fatigue Matting

The importance of anti-fatigue matting in regards to employee health is well documented. Standing in one place for long periods of time can constrict muscles in the calves, thighs and hips, restricting blood flow to lower extremities and creating numerous health problems which can eventually affect production at work. Anti-fatigue matting can also possess other … Read moreSwitchboard Anti-Fatigue Matting

The Dangers and Causes of Arc Flash. What is it?

Comply with new regulations, increase safety and save costs with proper identification. Employees within the workplace are exposed to multiple hazards when working near electrical equipment. In addition to shock, works may be seriously injured, sometimes fatally from arc flash even if they don’t come into direct contact with an energized conductor. What are you going … Read moreThe Dangers and Causes of Arc Flash. What is it?