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BenchPro™ stainless steel frame workbenches added to PAC product line

Production Automation Corporation is excited to announce that we are now offering BenchPro™ K, D, and A Series workbenches with stainless steel frames. High-quality, durable materials allow you to design and build just the right bench for your needs based… Continue Reading →

Sitting Down is Killing You; Here's How Standing Workstations Can Help!

Millions of people around the world spend a majority of their day sitting. Whether we sit in our cars heading out to the office to sit at our desks, or spend the day sitting in home offices, we are spending… Continue Reading →

BenchPro Laminate & Non-Laminate Surfaces

We’ve done posts about BenchPro benches before. They are one of our most popular lines of industrial workbenches, and for good reason, BenchPro is affordable, well-made, durable, easily assembled and accessorized. They offer many different styles of bench from standard four leg… Continue Reading →

Arlink 7000 & 8000 Series Workbenches

All-Purpose Arlink 7000 Series Workbenches All-purpose Arlink 7000 series workbench systems help companies optimize performance in the workplace by providing efficient ergonomic, and well-designed workbenches which significantly improve productivity, maximize use of floor space, boost morale and produce a safer work… Continue Reading →

Phenolic Resin in the Lab

Lets begin with this question: What is Phenolic Resin? Phenolic resin is a heat-cured plastic formed from a reaction of a carbon-based alcohol and a chemical called aldehyde. The resin is hard, heat-resistant, and can be mixed with a wide… Continue Reading →

BenchPro Economy Workbenches

BenchPro understands that people can’t always get the best model of workstation available, whether it’s because of budget, or intended use, there is always someone searching for the most affordable table for their application, not the most appropriate. The unfortunate… Continue Reading →

Three Ways Mobility Can Optimize Your Wireless Facility

Overview Thanks to wireless technology, mobile powered workstations (MPWs) are opening up a new frontier of efficiency and productivity. These workstations with integrated power supplies can maneuver computers, printers, scales, barcode scanners, ect., to wherever they are needed. For some facilities, multiple MPWs can… Continue Reading →

Eagle Group Stainless Steel Tables

Save 20% on Eagle Stainless Steel Tables Eagle Group is America’s largest broadline manufacturer of commercial foodservice equipment. Over the years, Eagle has continually added to their line of products, providing the industry’s largest offering available from a single manufacturer. All Eagle equipment… Continue Reading →

Selecting the Perfect Workbench

Buying a workbench may seem simple, but there are many variables to consider. Purchasing a workbench may at first seem like a simple task. Your employees have work to do, and they need an efficient, comfortable, and practical place to… Continue Reading →

Production Basics Benches

Since 1995, Production Basics has been creating ergonomic workstations and accessories that inspire productivity. Production Basics offers a wide variety of products that are designed to bring efficiency, productivity and professionalism to your manufacturing, material handling, or laboratory environment. Workstations… Continue Reading →

Eagle Stainless Steel Worktables

Stainless Steel Worktables from Eagle Offers Affordability Combined with Functionality and Durability Eagle HMC offers the industry’s widest range of design options for easily configured stainless steel worktables used in industrial applications. These worktables are designed to maximize functionality and… Continue Reading →

Lista’s New Drawer Suspension System

  Lista drawer cabinets and Storage Wall® products now feature an improved drawer suspension system that provides an added strength and utility you can feel.   Drawers can support a load of 165 lbs. or 440 lbs. (depending on the… Continue Reading →

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