Download the 5S Organization Guide Used By NASA, Boeing, & HP.

How Did the 5S Organization System Become Standard at NASA, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, and Harley Davidson?

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The Knock-Out Rewards of Reusables

Plastic Vs. CorrugatedReduce, Reuse, RecycleReusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) have many advantages over corrugated paper containers:Reusable: RPCs can be used repeatedly with minimal wear and typically last anywhere from 20 to 100 times , versus a one-time trip with a corrugated box.Durable: Weather resistant, more rigid and non-absorbing compared to corrugated paperSafe: No need for box... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Wireless Mobility in Your Warehouse

Without mobility, business processes are tied to a desk and paper is used to distribute information. A paper driven process requires data to be handled multiple times leading to inefficient use of time and the greater chances of costly errors. The growth of wireless technology has changed the nature of how electronic equipment can be... Continue Reading →

Rubbermaid Sustainable Operations

Production Automation has recently added Rubbermaid Commercial products to our website, and we are very excited about it, Rubbermaid is an easily recognizable name by both home and industrial users and is associated with high quality and reliability. What people might not know about Rubbermaid though, is that they are committed to sustainability, ethical standards, and the environment.... Continue Reading →

Metro Lab Solutions

In addition to the stainless steel Lab Solution tables and carts we offer, we have recently expanded our Lab Solutions category by adding a few new products. Read more about them below, or click any of the links to start shopping: Deep Ledge Carts: Metro Deep Ledge Carts with Microban® antimicrobial product protection are the... Continue Reading →

Metro Top-Track High Density Shelving

Save space without sacrificing storage! The benefits of using Metro's Top Track High Density Storage: Maximized Storage Capacity: Top-Track can increase the storage capacity of a given area by 30% to 40%. Mobile units are used in between stationary units. Only one aisle, which can be opened up between any two units as needed, is... Continue Reading →

Metro SmartWall G3 System

Introducing Metro's new SmartWall G3 System! A unique storage and work station system for often underutilized space - empty walls. SmartWall G3 and its system of integrated wall tracks offer the flexibility to add wall shelving and wall mounted task stations where needed throughout a facility. The use of the system around and above sinks,... Continue Reading →

MetroMax iQ Storage System

Uniquely Justifiable... Designed with innovative polymers for longer-life product performance, easy-to-clean surfaces to promote a cleaner environment and higher level of food safety, interchangeable components for maximum flexibility, a truly unique way to improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and ultimately ROI. Interchangeability: MetroMax i and MetroMax Q, shelves, posts, and most accessories are uniquely interchangeable making... Continue Reading →

PAC Wire Shelving: Now Offering Black Wire Shelves!

PAC wire shelving systems are an excellent alternative to higher priced brands. These top quality wire shelves are as good or better than any other wire shelf on the market with the same features and weight bearing capacity. These high quality units are so affordable because they are only produced in the most popular sizes... Continue Reading →

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