Hourglass HandPro® Exam Gloves

Accelerator-free nitrile technology improves stretch and chemical permeation resistance. Tactile response and softness associated with chemical accelerators no longer risk of glove-related allergic contact dermatitis.

New: Vileda Professional Cleanroom Products

Vileda Professional Cleanroom Mops support most critical applications. Each Vileda mop head, frame, or bucket connects over 30 years of development for controlled environments and healthcare. Find stainless steel mop sets and handles, or ask about quantity discounts on Vileda mop refills, pads, and accessories. Join St. Johns and other leading healthcare organizations for enhanced sanitization within controlled environments, cleanrooms and healthcare facilities.

New: JOKARI Wire Strippers and Cutters

Modern technology requires modern tools. JOKARI‘s Original is a professional standard for stripping and dismantling wire or cable. Production Automation carries JOKARI wire and electrical tools because they enable both general production and specialized work. 100% german made and engineered, quality is assured.

New: Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners – Where to Buy Online? Elma introduced its ultrasonic cleaners to the world over a half century ago. Today, its systems stand among the world’s best. Ultrasonic cleaners excel for rapid, intensive cleaning of sensitive parts. Sub-sonic vibrations break down grime, deposits, and contaminants without extreme chemicals or hand scrubbing. Protective coatings, … Read moreNew: Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners

New: Rhino Anti-Fatigue Mats

HD Image of Rhino Drainage Mats

Search Rhino antifigue mats for dry and wet areas. Mats have chemical, abrasion and grease resitance features. Get free shipping on orders over $100. Find the most popular anti-fatigue mats for standing, kitchens, assembly lines, and offices.

Metro Security Carts Sale – Ends 6/31/2018

Lowest prices on the internet for Metro wire security carts and cages. Offer ends soon. Shop Metro shelving from a Gold Seal Elite Dealer.

Free ASG Power Supply – Ends 12/31/18

Receive a FREE ASG Electric Screwdriver Power Supply with Purchase of Any* HIOS and TL Electric Screwdriver! Promotion ends soon.

Cleanroom Sticky Mat Frames Now at PAC

Cleanroom Sticky Mat Frame

The perfect frame for any cleanroom sticky mat. Carpet, concrete, grimy, oily, damp or temporary walkways often yield unreliable or inconsistent adhesion for floor mounted tack mats. Cleanroom sticky mat frames provide a movable base and non-skid backing for mounting or moving adhesive floor mats without the limitations of mats secured directly to the floor.

Hog Heaven III Anti-Fatigue Mats | Modular Linkable Drainable

Select interconnecting Hog Heaven tiles and end pieces for outstanding anti-fatigue qualities in dry areas. The wedge locking system allows for unlimited configuration on walkways or assembly lines for increased grip, electrical conductivity, and weld-safe use.

New: Filament Storage Cabinets for 3D Printing

3D Printing Filament Dry Cabinet with Feeder Port

For most DIY enthusiasts the cost and risk associated with flaws in final prints is small, as the final application and end-use is generally limited to trinkets and experiments with minimal consequence. Meanwhile, failed builds pile up, tinkering leads to more tinkering, and the root of the problem, from feeder jams to poor surface finish remains undiagnosed.  If you’re wondering why moisture is so problematic for 3D printer filament, see our previous post and learn more about how quickly moisture saturation impacts filament stored in room conditions. For commercial applications that require large quantities of filaments spools and project turnover on tight deadlines, temperature and humidity controlled storage is a cost-effective option that eliminates variables and volatility. If a 3D printing filament storage prevents one failed build of 80+ hours with expensive engineering-grade thermoplastics, at $375, an automatic 3D printing dry cabinet has already paid for itself.    
See the Difference Between Dry Cabinet and Room Air 3D Printing Quality

Why Is This the Best 3D Printing Filament Storage Cabinet of 2018?

StatPro’s is known for its high-end desiccant dry cabinet technology used for humidity and temperature control in cleanroom and electronics manufacturing. It’s newest filament dry cabinet is designed specifically for storing 3D printing filament and support materials at a price anyone with a 3D printer can afford. Automatic humidity controlled cabinets provides a quick and simple way to store filament without hassle. Better yet, the feeder ports allow you to feed your 3D printer without ever opening the cabinet. Simply set the desired humidity level, store the filaments and the dehumidifier will take care of the rest. Your filament stays dry, accessible, identifiable, and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.


StatPro 3D Filament Storage Cabinet
  • Fully Adjustable Spool Hanger
  • Standalone Hygrometer for Active Monitoring
  • 4-Filament Feed Ports for Direct Printing
  • Fast 2-Hour Recovery

Benefits of using a Filament Dry Cabinet

  • <20% RH: Optimal for all filament materials
  • Convenient: No consumable parts
  • Low Energy Consumption: 13W Avg. / 100W Max.
  • 4 Filament Feed Ports: Prints while in dry storage
  • Dries Without Heat: Maintains tensile strength

Traditional Dry Method Disadvantages

  • Oven Baking: High energy costs, decreases tensile strength, time consuming, melts filament if too hot
  • Desiccants: No RH control, constant replacement and maintenance
  • AC & Dehumidifier: High energy cost, unable to reach below 40% RH, ineffective in low temperatures
  • Other Filament Dryers: Constant heat baking with high energy consumption, unable to dry for extended periods, only able to dry a few spools at a time

New Wholesale Apparel and PPE Products from Wellcare: Lab, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, and Manufacturing

Economical, wholesale coveralls, bouffant caps, face masks, shoe covers, and disposable lab coats.

Disposable, ESD, Chemical, Cut Resistant, and General Purpose Gloves from Global Glove

Production Automation helps you find bulk discounts on industrial-grade reusable and disposable gloves for both aseptic and heavy-duty use. Our newest product additions from Global Glove find favor in clean rooms, examinations, industrial or commercial manufacturing, or chemical or food processing applications. Get the Best Price: Buy in bulk and Recieve Up To a 6.5% Discount … Read moreDisposable, ESD, Chemical, Cut Resistant, and General Purpose Gloves from Global Glove

Quantum Totes, Bins, Containers, and Accessories: – Free Shipping

GoToPac is the only website online with free shipping on all Quantum commercial and industrial storage bins and totes.

New Product: Bullhead Safety Glasses Now Availble At Production Automation

New: Purchase Bullhead Safety Glasses On The Production Automation Web Store  Bullhead Safety™ glasses meet and exceed ANSI/ESD Z87.1-2015 standards with frame styles and lenses for many applications. UV filtration provides 99.9% blockage of all UVA/UVB/UVC light rays. Full wrap around, goggles, or over-the-glasses frames protect against splashing and particulate. Dark, clear, polarized, tinted, and mirrored … Read moreNew Product: Bullhead Safety Glasses Now Availble At Production Automation

BenchPro™ stainless steel frame workbenches added to PAC product line

Production Automation Corporation is excited to announce that we are now offering BenchPro™ K, D, and A Series workbenches with stainless steel frames. High-quality, durable materials allow you to design and build just the right bench for your needs based on customizable options and hundreds of accessories. Since 1987 BenchPro™ has been producing long-lasting workbenches, … Read moreBenchPro™ stainless steel frame workbenches added to PAC product line

Production Automation Industrial Facilities Catalog

Just this year Production Automation has started offering a printed catalog filled with products we offer but do not have on our website, but as of this week all of that has changed! Just in time for the new year we are thrilled to share with you our new Industrial Facilities online shop, which can be … Read moreProduction Automation Industrial Facilities Catalog