Vision Engineering’s Lynx EVO Stereo Microscope Wins the 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Award

The Lynx EVO was chosen for this award based on its importance and usefulness to the microscopy community by providing a better and faster method of analysis using innovative technology.

Vision Engineering EVO Cam Digital Microscope

Unlock the power of full-HD imaging with the EVO Cam high performance digital microscope. Full-HD live video imaging (1080p/60fps) brings to life a macroscopic world in stunning detail, with magnification options up to 300x and full auto focus to ensure ultra-sharp imaging at all times. Capture full-HD images at the touch of a button, without... Continue Reading →

How to Setup & Focus a Stereo Microscope

Quickly and easily setup and focus your stereo microscope. Turn on the illumination - adjust the light source so that it illuminates Set the diopter setting(s) to zero   With the eyes about 0.5" away from the eyepieces from the eyepieces, adjust the distance between the eyepieces (interpupillary distance) until you see a single image Adjust... Continue Reading →

What Does Diopter Mean?

If you've ever shopped for an inspection microscope, you've most likely come across the term "Diopter", but what does that mean exactly and how do you choose the correct diopter? There is a quick way to figure out the magnification of any lens diopter, using one simple calculation. What is Diopter? Diopter refers to the curvature of... Continue Reading →

Product Spotlight: Vision CamZ

Handheld Digital Magnifier for Portable Inspection Optimized for macro, magnified imaging (up to 14x), CamZ is an amazing handheld digital magnifier, providing ultimate convenience for a wide range of imaging tasks. With CamZ, you can magnify, inspect and capture images, where you want, when you want! Suitable for production environments, CamZ provides high resolution magnification (up... Continue Reading →

Aven iLoupeXL2 Hand-Held Portable Microscope

Discover the micro world with this newest innovation from Aven. the iLoupeXL2 is one of the lightest, most powerful, compact mobile microscopes in the world today. This palm-sized microscope does not require any additional monitors to view subjects, giving freedom to take it anywhere you need magnification. The unique iLoupeXL2 with its full color display... Continue Reading →

Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier

Introducing the NEW Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier A pioneering combination of efficiency, flexibility, and visual quality, the Tevisio's sleek , modern design and technical features as an instrument make it an absolute novelty among magnifier luminaries. With its exceptional flexibility through innovative mounting technology as well as high visual quality, it supports even the most... Continue Reading →

Scienscope E-Series Microscopes

Scienscope E-Series Microscopes The first ever parallel stereo zoom microscope system from Scienscope. This microscope is comparable to leading brand manufacturers, see it for yourself. Years of development and design have yielded the first affordable high performance system of its kind. There are two types of optical heads available: Tilting or Fixed. The new Tilting/Ergo... Continue Reading →

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