What’s the Difference Between Sterile and Aseptic Technique?

Are the terms sterile and aseptic used interchangeably? Is a cleanroom sterile? What is aseptic processing?

Cleanroom and Sterile Compounding Glossary and Definitions

Cleanroom Biosafety Cabinet

The definitive cleanroom and sterile compounding glossary. Learn terminology and definitions for USP 797 and USP 800 compounding.

Cleanroom Construction FAQ

Definitive Cleanroom Construction FAQ: How much does a cleanroom cost? How does the level of ISO classification impact build and operating costs? How much supporting space will I need for a cleanroom addition or ISO class upgrade? What’s the advantage of a turnkey cleanroom system?

10 Profound Manufacturing Lessons from Elon Musk’s Latest Memo

Amidst building rocket ships and pondering whether AI is likely to destroy humans, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently took over direct control of Tesla’s troubled Model 3 Production. A leaked memo shows the acute nature of Elon’s expectations. Here are Elon Musk’s top 10 brilliant pieces of advice from the company-wide memo.

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New: Filament Storage Cabinets for 3D Printing

3D Printing Filament Dry Cabinet with Feeder Port

For most DIY enthusiasts the cost and risk associated with flaws in final prints is small, as the final application and end-use is generally limited to trinkets and experiments with minimal consequence. Meanwhile, failed builds pile up, tinkering leads to more tinkering, and the root of the problem, from feeder jams to poor surface finish remains undiagnosed.  If you’re wondering why moisture is so problematic for 3D printer filament, see our previous post and learn more about how quickly moisture saturation impacts filament stored in room conditions. For commercial applications that require large quantities of filaments spools and project turnover on tight deadlines, temperature and humidity controlled storage is a cost-effective option that eliminates variables and volatility. If a 3D printing filament storage prevents one failed build of 80+ hours with expensive engineering-grade thermoplastics, at $375, an automatic 3D printing dry cabinet has already paid for itself.    
See the Difference Between Dry Cabinet and Room Air 3D Printing Quality

Why Is This the Best 3D Printing Filament Storage Cabinet of 2018?

StatPro’s is known for its high-end desiccant dry cabinet technology used for humidity and temperature control in cleanroom and electronics manufacturing. It’s newest filament dry cabinet is designed specifically for storing 3D printing filament and support materials at a price anyone with a 3D printer can afford. Automatic humidity controlled cabinets provides a quick and simple way to store filament without hassle. Better yet, the feeder ports allow you to feed your 3D printer without ever opening the cabinet. Simply set the desired humidity level, store the filaments and the dehumidifier will take care of the rest. Your filament stays dry, accessible, identifiable, and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.


StatPro 3D Filament Storage Cabinet
  • Fully Adjustable Spool Hanger
  • Standalone Hygrometer for Active Monitoring
  • 4-Filament Feed Ports for Direct Printing
  • Fast 2-Hour Recovery

Benefits of using a Filament Dry Cabinet

  • <20% RH: Optimal for all filament materials
  • Convenient: No consumable parts
  • Low Energy Consumption: 13W Avg. / 100W Max.
  • 4 Filament Feed Ports: Prints while in dry storage
  • Dries Without Heat: Maintains tensile strength

Traditional Dry Method Disadvantages

  • Oven Baking: High energy costs, decreases tensile strength, time consuming, melts filament if too hot
  • Desiccants: No RH control, constant replacement and maintenance
  • AC & Dehumidifier: High energy cost, unable to reach below 40% RH, ineffective in low temperatures
  • Other Filament Dryers: Constant heat baking with high energy consumption, unable to dry for extended periods, only able to dry a few spools at a time

How to Remove 3D Printing Support Material Faster and Improve Final Quality


What’s the easiest and fastest way to clean 3D printed parts with soluble support materials or standard support materials like HIPS and PVA? Here’s how to clean the reaches of 3D printed parts including small geometries, internal cavities, and between build layers so that each part achieves the smoothest possible finish with the least risk of damage caused by handling, scrubbing, or brushing.

Safety Glasses Statistics and Effective Safety Precautions for Eyewear 

Safety Glasses Statistics and Effective Safety Precautions for Eyewear According to the U.S. Department of Labor, thousands of employees suffer from eye injuries every year, many of these injuries sustained at work, usually from inadequate eye protection. These injuries can result in blindness and cost over $300 million per year in lost production time, medical … Read moreSafety Glasses Statistics and Effective Safety Precautions for Eyewear 

Cleanroom HEPA Vacuum Use and Applications 

cleanroom vacuume

Cleanroom HEPA Vacuum Components and Applications Simply put, every square inch of a cleanroom should be absolutely pristine. Ceiling panels, lighting units, HEPA filtration units, sprinkler heads, walls, glass surfaces, process equipment, piping systems, floors, and manufacturing equipment should all be decontaminated regularly. Even the ambient air must be monitored and maintained at proper levels. … Read moreCleanroom HEPA Vacuum Use and Applications 

Cleanroom Classification Comparison Specifications Defined

Cleanroom Bunny Suits Used by Nasa

A comparison of cleanroom classifications and specifications.

Turnkey Cleanroom Install

CleanPro’s turn-key cleanroom solution provided a one-stop, one-contact result for the initial delivery and on-site installation of walls, ceiling grids, electrical systems, flooring, filters, HVAC, and more.

Softwall Cleanroom Curtains Project

Softwall cleanroom curtains, sometimes referred simply as “plastic strips” yield ISO Class 10,000 level particle control with minimal construction. This customer required a custom softwall installation that integrated into their existing building structure CleanPro to deliver a softwall cleanroom

Clean-Forward Lab Furniture Project

Industrial workbenches and workstations provide integrated design features such as power bars, application specific surface materials, and custom drawer and cabinet configurations for safe, organized storage. This laboratory enlisted for a complete laboratory outfit, with ergonomic seating and Lista drawer cabinet workstations.

Chemotherapy and CSP Cleanroom Installation

This modular, sterile compounding cleanroom is designed for ISO 797 and ISO 800 compliance, particularly for compounding chemotherapy drugs. Safe handling of sterile compounds requires special considerations: heat-welded floors, anterooms and buffer areas.

Class 10,000 Cleanroom & Gowning Area

This cleanroom and adjacent gowning area helped this customer prevent outer contamination from entering classified spaces.

CleanPro® Stand Alone Hardwall Cleanroom

CleanPro’s modular hardwall cleanroom solutions adapt alongside changing floor and production layouts.

Softwall Cleanroom Enclosure

This customer needed to enclose a piece of machinery, and CleanPro® was able to provide a solution.

Cleanroom Installation Examples by CleanPro®

Here are some best-in-class cleanroom projects, in which the PAC cleanroom division, CleanPro, provided expertise and turnkey execution for design and installation of cleanroom enclosures, furniture, and components.

Dual Wire ESD Monitors and Wrist Straps vs Single Wire – Differences and Advantages

ESD Monitor Dual Wire SCS 724

Dual Wire ESD Monitors and Wrist Straps – vs Single Wire – What’s the Difference? Reposted from Our Friends at SCS-Static-Control Solutions Dual wire ESD monitors and ESD wrist straps are the most common personnel grounding device to ground operators. In today’s blog post, we will talk about the difference between dual-wire and single-wire wrist … Read moreDual Wire ESD Monitors and Wrist Straps vs Single Wire – Differences and Advantages

Stainless Steel Tables for Sterile Processing

sterile compounding stainless steel tables images

Learn more about the requirements of stainless steel tables during sterile processing.